Work Environment Of A Healthcare Management Professional And Typical Challenges

A health care manager is an essential cog in the machinery that makes the health care facility function smoothly. A health care facility essentially functions to ease the sufferings of afflicted and hence is an extremely critical and high pressure work environments in a community. A health care manager typically needs to ensure maximum comfort to a patient who is anyways coming to the facility on account of a discomfort, at the same time ensure an environment conducive for optimal performance for the care providers. All this, while maintaining budgets and compliances standards which could be internal or statutory.

Work profile of the professional

Essentially a health care manager has an office job which ideally doesn’t need him to have day to day patient interaction. However, depending on his grade or function in the setup he might have to interact with a patient on:

  • Billing
  • Insurance
  • Customer service and feedback
  • Compliance

As the facilities that a health care manager works in usually works on a 24×7 schedule, the hours of work are long and often erratic dependent on contingencies and exigencies. It is thus a critical role that a manager dons in ensuring the proper performance of a facility towards providing care to the members of the community, while ensuring its objectives based on profit as a business venture or nonprofit as a community service.

Challenges and satisfaction

The essential challenge that a health care manager faces is twofold. A patient anyways visits the health care facility on account of a discomfort, and hence he has to ensure an environment which will otherwise give him comfort and help him cope with his healing. On the other hand he also needs to ensure an environment to the care providers to ensure their best performance, which might include managing their aspirations monetary or otherwise, but also in terms of the environment which allows them to relax and deliver. Some of these managers participate in the devising of healthcare strategy which affects the community as a whole. Thus the smiles of comfort of a cured patient as also the sense of achievement of a care provider are the rewards for this phantom hero who no one sees.

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