Top 25 Nursing Blogs of 2016 to Follow

top-25-nursing-blogsOne occupation that is among the most important ones for the benefit and health of the people, is nursing profession. Even though the healthcare pioneers and the brains of the healthcare occupations consist of doctors, surgeons and physicians, nurses represent the backbone of the brains and without them, any work would be incomplete.

There are some amazing websites that include various information on how to become part of the nursing community and interesting stories of the nurses. These websites and blogs provide valid resources about the nursing profession, some of which offer detailed education plans, information about the requirements for nurses-to-be, useful guidelines and ability to learn from the certified nurses. Some of the listed websites represent the organizations and communities of registered nurses and some of them provide valuable information, stories and journals  for any aspiring nurse to be. These are the top 26 nursing blogs 2016:

  • Nursingworld – American Nurses Association represent around 3,6 million registered nurses and with this great website, gather everyone from any state, who belongs to this profession offering discussion boards and forums, including professional development topics and new about nursing in general.
  • DiscoverNursing – everything you want to know about the nursing occupation from schools to scholarships, can be found on this website, ranging from schools by states and requirements a student must fulfill.
  • TravelNursing – this website offers all there is to know about travel nursing, job opportunities and benefits of this particular profession. A one-of-a-kind career portal for nurses who are in search of an adventure and flexible work environment.
  • TravelNursingBlogs – this is also one great website concerning travel nursing occupation where you can find information about career, salary, benefits and the whole life on the road. Remember tips and read advices from travel nurses across the country.
  • TravelNursingCentral – another very informative website regarding travel nursing profession and is a great and valuable source of travel nursing company reviews for any travel nurse aspiring student.
  • TheNursingSiteBlog – personal nursing blog of Kathy Quan, a registered nurse with more than 30 years of work experience. Gather the knowledge about personal side of nursing profession with Kathy Quan.
  • NursingCenter – detailed list of articles regarding continuing education, journals and e-books concerning nursing practice. Great host of credible, authoritative and evidence-based resources with daily nursing news as well.
  • TheNursingSite -registered nurse Kathy Quan is the owner and editor in chief for both NursingSite and NursingSiteBlog. On this website, she offers information for any aspiring nurse or students of nursing programs, along with the general knowledge of nursing history and issues of the profession.
  • RTconnections – Renee Thompson, a registered nurse offers amazing seminars, consulting and presentations on her blog, from anti-bullying personal campaign to her published work for any aspiring nurse-to-be.
  • TheNerdyNurse – this personal blog of an award-winning blogger and author, Britney Wilson, offers information regarding nursing, technology, healthcare IT and other useful topics connected to nursing occupation.
  • NursingEthics – Ph.Ds Chris MacDonald and Nancy Walton, published their blog where they mainly focus on the ethical side of nursing occupation, including the applied and professional ethics as well.
  • INQRIblog – short for Interdisciplinary Nursing Quality Research Initiative, provides information about the understanding of how the nursing profession contributes and improves the quality of patient care.
  • ERnurse – personal blog of an emergency room nurse and interesting and educative tales and stories behind the ER nurse profession, including everyday events that happen to emergency room nurse.
  • MedHealthWriter – great blog of Marijke, a registered nurse with more than 30 years of experience in ICU, rehabilitation, palliative care and pediatrics and she turned her knowledge into blog writing and article writing about healthcare topics
  • ThirdAge – detailed wellness and health site for women, aged 45 and over, with many great articles about health issues, lifestyle and interactive information and research for this specific group of women.
  • MyStrongMedicine – Sean Dent, an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner with 10 years of blogging history, provides many interesting articles, stories and vlogs concerning the nursing occupation and everything it brings with it.
  • NursingNotesOfDiscord – interesting personal blog of Enid Mueller, a registered nurse working in the psychiatric ward, offers stories and tales about every-day work of a psychiatric nurse and her encounters with fellow members and patients.
  • EHRtutor – this website offers valuable information, suggestions and improvement tips for any nursing and healthcare educator or instructor with an accent to improving lectures and classes with technology.
  • AdrienneRN – Adrienne Huston, a registered nurse working in cardiology unit, writes about her nursing experience and everyday moments happening in her nursing career with personal opinions regarding her profession and patient care.
  • ERnurseCare – Leslie Block, a registered nurse with 28+ years of experience, member of the Board of Directors of non-profit organization Mommy’s Network, writes about her years of experience in healthcare field.
  • DiversityNursing – great website for aspiring nurses, offering job board information, community access and resources for all nurses regardless of sex, age, religion or education. Very informative website for students and those enrolled in nursing programs.
  • EvidenceBasedNursing – four contributors of this website, all in nursing profession, provide valuable research announcements and news, discussion forum for nurses and librarians who are interested in evidence based nursing.
  • BabyRNDeb – Labor & Delivery nurse writes about her everyday work and patients and writes personal opinions about her job, with interesting stories of the other side of labor and delivery.
  • BahalaNaNurseBlog – with 20 years of working as a Pharmacy technician, Chiqui Raveloski changed career into nursing and works as a registered nurse in telemetry unit, writing various stories personal nursing experiences and living a life with type I diabetes for 40+ years.
  • NursingSchoolInsandOuts – personal blog of an aspiring nurse-to-be, Candy, with her posts about her schooling days as a full-time RN and full-time NP student. Read about her stories about semesters, time consuming subjects and all pros and cons of being a nursing student.

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