How to become a successful laboratory technician?

Are you thinking of pursuing your career as a lab technician? Has it been your long lived dream to become one? Are you curious to know more about this path of career in the medical field? Keep reading to know more about this awesome work line.

Training to become a lab tech will not only make you the master of biology but covers various other areas of science as well. They will become acquainted with the different kinds of equipment in the lab, the usage of equipment, the different kinds of tools used within a lab and so on. There are different ways that one can do their training to become a lab tech. you can take up the one that suits you the best according to your field of interest. Explained below are the various ways and the steps to becoming a successful laboratory technician.

Prerequisite No. 1: completing high school!

The basic educational qualification that you need to become a lab tech is a high school diploma or passing the General Educational Development (GED) exam. If you have a history on doing courses like biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics will make the training a bit easier and helps in pursuing education on a higher level. Having a ground basic knowledge in these subjects will also make the training much clearer to the students.

Prerequisite No.2: deciding the career path that you want to choose.

Lab technicians can choose to work anywhere. From research labs, to hospitals to ophthalmic offices, they can work where ever their employers need them to work. The requirements in training can vary according to the need and field that a lab tech may work in. before choosing to enter a field, talking to potential employers can give you a view of your future and the kind of training that you might want to take up.

Prerequisite No.3: considering other educational options after high school.

The U.S Bureau of Labor Studies (BLS) marks that even though some lab techs are needed to have a degree or other kinds of higher education after high school, the others are allowed to enter the field with just a high school diploma or by passing their GED. For instance, a student who aspired to become a dental lab tech can join the field as soon as he finishes high school where as a clinical lab tech will need a degree in biology before he sets course in the field.

Prerequisite No.4: acquiring experience in the field. 

Most employers, when looking for applicants, check for hours of experience working in a lab. Students in college can as well consider entering laboratory courses to familiarize themselves to the equipment, tools, basic procedures, protocols and environment in a laboratory. They can also consider working as lab assistants or as research assistants to gain the same experience along with planning and deployment of action plan.

Prerequisite No.5: Finding Employment in the field!

There are a number of places where a qualified lab tech can work in. There is the medical sector, the biotechnology sector, pharmaceutical sector and many other sectors and industries. You can also find employment with government agencies, private practice jobs and university laboratories. The duties and responsibility of a lab tech can vary according to his place of work. You might need to do a lot of research, monitor the quality control, prepare equipment or may be even do all of these. The amount of work you need to do will be assigned by your employer and can again vary according to the work place.

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