Top 150 Teacher Blogs of the Year 2016

top 150 teacher blogs 2016Among the different professions, the teachers have considerably one of the most challenging jobs since theirs do not end in their workplace. Aside from teaching, there are other responsibilities that they ought to accomplish such as designing lessons, writing lesson plans, making assessment, and providing feedback. These are just a few of the numerous responsibilities shouldered by teachers since the other half of the list is focused on the responsibilities to the students. However, due to the advent of technology, teachers are also given opportunities to reach out to their fellow educators to learn about various strategies and practices that have become effective in their classes. The following blogs offer helpful tips for teachers and academic partners of teachers!


The first set of blogs offer technological advancements as a tool in enhancing teaching.

 Steve Hargadon

Being an educator himself, Steve Hargadon put up this site as an avenue to educate teachers about various form of technology that can be used in the classroom. The site offers virtual and peer-to-peer educational conferences, various worldwide virtual events like the “School Leadership Summit” and the “Global Education Conference”. His latest project, Web 2.0 aim teachers to become effective in their instruction through technology.

Cammy Bean

Being passionate about e-learning design, Cammy Bean shares her various webinars that aim to help teachers design e-courses that they can use in their instructions. The webinars present simple steps and helpful insights why e-courses should be used and enjoyed both by the teacher and the students.

Innovation: Education

This blog of the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education offers activities that use technology. The various innovative forms of instructions are really engaging for the students. Aside from that, it also offers tutorials, tips, and assistance to teachers in order for them to use the various apps, programs, and gadgets that are presented in the site. Through this, the teachers are become aware of how technology can be incorporated to their lessons.

Emerging Ed Tech

This site is being managed by Kelly Walsh, the CIO at The College of Westchester in New York. The site offers various effective instructional tools that Walsh considers as effective since she herself is an educator. Aside from that, teachers have a chance to read posts that have been frequently read by other teachers and share their insights through the comment portion.

E-Learning Queen

Unlike the usual blogs, the E-Learning Queen, adapts the concept of distance learning. The blog focuses on the psychological, social, and cultural factors that some blogs do not focus on. The entries present guide questions that teachers can use in their discussion aside from the el-learning and mobile solutions that are well-thought of. This “edublog” also underscores real-life e-learning concerns that teachers face. What’s great about the blog is that it encourages and empowers educators to use e-learning in making the class meaningful and fun!

Future of Education

Future of Education is a portal for educators where they can connect online. Not only that, the site features interviews, lectures, symposiums, in podcasts and other forms of media in order to educate teachers about the latest trends in teaching. Being true to its objective as being a portal for educators, forums are also offered in the site to allow teachers to share their effective practices and insightful ideas about the various topics.

Origin Learning

The blog is run by Origin Learning, a company that has won many CLO and Brandon Awards for the learning solutions that it offers to educators. The site presents various applications and software teachers can use in their instruction. Aside from that those who visit the site will enjoy the opportunity to learn about gamification, immersive learning, and other latest and useful trends in classroom teaching.

Harold Jarche

Harold Jarche views teachers not just as educators only but rather as leaders and effective collaborators. Hence, his blog discusses various beliefs in learning from various perspectives but more importantly from business, management, and technological views. The articles are refreshing as it empowers teachers to constantly challenge themselves professionally.

JL Solutvekling

Although a Swedish site, JL Solutvekling empowers teachers to become “digital literate” through the provision of articles and lectures that thoroughly combine technology in teaching without sounding too contrive. What’s interesting about the blog is that it does not only focus on presenting instructional strategies, it also presented substantial discussion on assessment, the aspect in teaching that is as important as instruction.


This blog is run by Erin Klein, an educator, keynote speaker, and an author of various books in teaching. The site presented various educational topics that can be viewed through live streaming, and there are also blogs about teaching. Those who visit the site can also enjoy owning free books that will make them successfully connect teaching to technology. Since Klein also offers seminars, teachers can also get to know the schedule and other details about her upcoming lectures or seminars in the site.

The Thinking Stick

Coming from the paradigm that “lecture as content delivery is dead”, Jeffrey Utecht presents all fun and interesting things about technology and education in this site. The site presents helpful and fun posts for teachers about teaching and technology, offers downloadable books that will make classroom activities exciting through the use of technology. Moreover, there are news that will keep teachers informed about the latest issues and trends in teaching.

The Blue Skunk Blog

This blog offers materials to the “profession of library media and technology”. However, the site does not only offer various technological advances useful for teachers, for it also shows the ideas of Doug Johnson with regard to teaching and the fun side of teaching.


Will Richardson

Will Richardson became famous because of his TED talk. However, his passion of passion for technology and teaching did not end after his presentation. He created a blog that allowed teachers and students to learn his valuable insights making teaching more meaningful and fun for the students. His famous web tool for class rooms can be viewed in his blog.

The Rapid E-Learning Blog

This blog educates teachers on how to design e-courses, web applications for e-learning, interactive e-learning, graphic design, and even PowerPoint in order for the lessons and the activities to become a pleasant experience both for the teachers and students. Furthermore, the site is user-friendly the same way that the instructions are very clear and very easy to follow. It is hoped that interactive learning shall take place once that teachers are equipped with the technical know-how with regard to this matter.

Connecting Tech

This refreshing site, which is curated by Alesha B, are about the latest trends in teaching and the latest in technology that teachers can try at their own classrooms. These articles from all over the Internet were carefully chosen based on the needs of the teachers. Indeed, technology connects teachers and students!

Keith Rispin

The site has a massive information on Educational Technology and an organized presentations of articles in each category. This will surely help teachers who are seeking for information about the issues and trends in technology. Being an authority in education, Rispin’s valuable expertise in this aspect of education will surely provide clarity and better understanding among teachers.

Brilliant or Insane

This insanely brilliant blog that presents realistic issues and solutions to classroom management is something that must be visited by teachers. The discussions allow teachers to handle classroom management issues in a more effective way. Not only does it tackle classroom strategies and classroom management, it also keeps every educator abreast of the necessity and special function of technology in today’s pedagogy.

The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness

The site presents sample lessons where technology is effectively integrated in the lessons. These lessons provide questions and suggestions that will make the execution successful. Hence, making the integration of technology and teaching a happy experience for teachers and their students.

E-learning Teleformacion

This blog in Spanish contains a substantial amount of information about technology for educators. This helpful site allows teachers to see teaching from a global perspective compared to other sites that are too focused on teaching without presenting global happening that may also be used in teaching.

The Hoggatteer Experience

A great platform in discussing and sharing classroom management, this site also offers the importance of technology in satisfying the curiosity of the young learners. Although the site is intended for the Hoggatteers, non-Hoggatteers are certainly welcome to explore the site!

A Geeky Momma’s Blog

The site is maintained by a self-confessed hockey mom who has been an educator in Florida for 30 years. Being owned by a legit teacher, the site presents very effective techniques and strategies in classroom management and making instruction using technology fun and helpful for teachers. The also offers free books that can be downloaded.


This site discusses all the existing apps that can be used in classroom teaching. Who could expect that Minecraft is related to teaching? This is just one of the many creative ideas that the blog can offer to its readers. Indeed, classroom teaching will no longer as boring as it was before.

Chris Nesi

Being a “tech-savvy” educator, Chris Nesi, through his site, offers podcasts and edtech show notes that thoroughly presents and discusses innovative ideas to teaching using technology. The numerous podcasts will surely help even those who have strong apprehensions in using technology in teaching.

Top Hat Blog

Being a top hat, the blog emerges as something more academic compared to the usual blogs since it offers case studies, tips, and stories from various educators from the different parts of the globe. There are also webinars that inform teachers about various things about technology and teaching. Not only that, the site also offers “comprehensive teaching platform” that will surely assist teacher in creating a pleasant interactive lecture experience.

Tech Savvy Ed

This blog is a practical guide to the integration of technology and instruction. From iPad to green screen, the blog makes seemingly complicated and terrifying technological advancements fun to use in the classroom.

Ross Parker

The blog is the place where Ross Parker, an ICT and ESL instructor, shares his materials, effective strategies, and ideas that can be used by other educators.

Tech into Ed

The blog aims to present effective strategies that merge technology to fun and engaging classroom teaching that will result in learning. The various posts are about tested classroom strategies that teachers can use or share to others. The discussions are made easy so that everyone can try the strategies without hesitation.

Shake up Learning

The blog simply presents useful Google educational platforms that teachers should maximize due to their being user-friendly. Lessons and activities using these are also presented. Who says that learning requires you to download so many apps?

The Chalk up Blog

Just like the other blogs, the chalk up blog presents the effective merging of technology and education. Aside from that, the site serves as an avenue for teachers to interact with teachers from all parts of the world to learn about how the subsuming of the two is done by various teachers.

Mat Pullen

Being an authority in the usage of technology in teaching, Matt Pullen aims teachers to become technologically literate through an array of substantial discussions in the site. The idea of “technology in teaching” is evident throughout the site.

Education & Tech

The site hopes that our society will be transformed to an economic abundance through social technologies. This new idea is introduced by Milton Ramirez, the founder and editor of Education & Tech. Because of his vision, the site offers apps and programs that are effective in classroom teaching. In addition, the blog present sample projects and lesson plans that can be used by teachers.

Life of an Educator by Dr. Justin Tarte

Like other blog that puts premium on the importance of technology in enhancing classroom instruction, this blog offers strategies, lessons, and insights of other educators with regard to the matter; plus, teachers will also get to know Tarte’s creative way of integrating the two.


The blog offers collaborative social media solutions for teachers. Because of its innovative and helpful discussions in line with this, it won the 2015 CODiE Award for Best Collaborative Social Media Solution for Educators.

Beth Knittle

Being a technology integration specialist for a K-12 district, expect no less from Beth Knittle in discussing effective integration of technology in classroom discussion.


This site is serious in making sure that teachers have the technical know how about using technology in teaching. The site offers open courseware, technology, education philosophy, and networking. These course works are presented in PowerPoint or other presentations that are learner-friendly so that teachers are encouraged to apply these in their lessons.

Les Outils Tice

Although a non-English site, the blog caters to the present concerns with regard to technology is it covers informing the teachers the following: using technology / app used for teaching, extracting pdf, gamifying the lessons and assessment; presenting using multimedia.

Even though it is a small software studio company in Dallas, the site is well-visited by teachers because of their projects and ideas that are creative and useful in classroom discussions.

Ed Tech Round Up

Maintained by Michael Karlin, the blog is generous in giving links, podcasts and lesson plans in relation to educational technology since Karlin believes that teachers should use technology in teaching more effectively. Aside from those, the blog presents articles about applications, softwares, and others. It even presents its own reviews on the apps that teachers are using.

Lisa Nielsen

Being passionate to teaching and learning, Lisa’s blog is an exciting blog that presents articles for teachers, latest news about teaching and technology, and a through discussion of the featured social media and apps for effective teaching.

Maui Librarian 2 in Olinda

Who says that teachers are only one who should be using technology in their daily endeavors? This blog offers quick and useful tips about technology in teaching and organizing for both librarians and teachers.

This is Spanish site that allows teachers to learn everything about technology through its virtual magazines that are visually and intellectually satisfying. There are also webinars aside from the column about technology for teachers! There is an array of fun information that will make you fall in love with this techno haven!

Edu Podcast Network

This site is devoted in presenting essential discussion and presentation through a multitude of pod casts made by educators for educators as well. Indeed, only educators will know the need of another educator.

Education Technologist

The site advocates Technology Education to empower both the students and the teachers. Being maintained by an educator who has been captivated by At-Risk students, expect that the activities are fun and engaging.

Technology in Education

A site in Lithuanian language, it offers assistance on programming most especially to teachers and allocated for IT teacher pages to ensure that technology is successfully integrated in teaching. There are also interactive games that the class will surely enjoy.

Literacy, Technology, Policy, Etc….A Blog

Maintained by a famous educator, Jennifer Roberts, the blog presents various news about technology that will surely challenge the teachers. Teaching literacy learning is also another vital part of the blog.

The Playground Advocate

The site offers fun and interesting activities that will make each teacher creative in their instructions. Not only that, the site also integrates technology to these exciting activities.

Virtual Voice

This is an online platform where parents, teachers, and students are provided with engaging resources, educational insights, and fresh perspective about teaching.

Teach with Tech

The site presents various lesson plans, activities, and insights about teaching and technology from Corrie Barclay, a leading ICT Leading Teacher at Manor Lakes P-12 College.

Ideas Factory: The blog of Julian S. Wood

The blog has an array of tutorials on how to perform various computer programs and use computer and effective programs in classroom teaching. These tutorials are guaranteed easy!



The blog encourages confidence among educators in using technology in enhancing their instruction through provision of safe online learning product, solutions, and services.

Teacher Tech Alice Keeler

Alice Keeler, a Google guru, presents easy to follow tutorials using Google docs and spread sheets to facilitate effective safe keeping of information and more sophisticated activities.

Another Spanish blog in our entry, which is as informative and fun as the English blogs about educational games, and tutorials about how to create videos and animations that can be used in the lessons.

Simmon’s Classroom

Being a technology coach and certified Google for educator trainer, Simon generously shared his expertise in using Google apps in effective and meaningful discussion.

The Teacher Playground

Owned by, Kristen Hernandez an Educational Technology Consultant, former Learning Network Coordinator, Educational Technology Specialist, and Elementary/Middle school teacher, the site offers fun and engaging technology integration into the classroom. Thus, making your classroom your playground.

Eoin Lenihan Education

Aside from showcasing technology and teaching, this blog focuses on the presentation of materials and articles about evidence-based teaching, which the site advocates.

SPARCC – Technology Integration Resources

This site showcases a multitude of sites that are useful for teachers and students. The links featured in this site range from grammar to apps that are commonly used by educators.

Tech Smart @ edu

The contents of the site are written by Samantha Vardanega, a Google for Education Certified Innovator, Google for Education Certified Trainer, and a seasoned educator. Based on her background, this site offers significant information about tutorials on Google programs.


The site was started by Steve Quann and Leah Peterson in 2012, and since then it has been helping teachers in using technology as an aid to instruction. 

Hot Lunch Tray

This site presents technology as an important aspect in teaching in order to make students achieve literacy. The information from this site is selected and written by Penny Christensen, an educator who has been enthusiastic in her advocacy of having creative, fun, and meaningful lessons.

Nicholas Clayton

The highly informative site of Nicholas Clayton rekindles every teacher’s passion to teach. With more tech-savvy strategies in teaching, the site will surely empower every teacher to love teaching and technology in classroom teaching. Specifically, the site presents clear procedure on how to use Google programs.

Literacy Station Inspiration

The abundance of ideas and strategies in this site is a haven for every educator. Truly, every teacher will not be failed by what has been implied by its name.

More Than a Tech

The site presents the best ways of using technology in the classroom, which are not complicated to follow. Aside from technology, leadership and other values have been attempted to be incorporated in order to bring out the significant experience to be learned by the students.

Universe as Text

This blog presents an array of topic for the secondary level where technology is integrated. Discover the wonders of teaching various contents that are enhanced by technology.

Catlin Tucker

Caitlin Tucker is the authority in blended learning and technology in the classroom. Being a Google Certified Teacher, bestselling author, international trainer, and frequent Edtech speaker, the site promises enriching lessons and activities based on the fusion of blended learning and technology.

Instructional Techtalk

This is a website that is dedicated to giving the latest information about instructional media for teachers. There are also various apps that are featured by the site and podcasts can be viewed for more understanding of the strategies being presented.

Educational Technology Guy

Are you looking for free resources for teachers? Look no further. This site provides educational ideas and tips, and other techie related issues helpful for teachers.

Inn teach

Various tools are presented which will make the instruction more effective and successful.

PLN Central

The Personal Learning Network Central offers educators to connect to various PLNs for professional growth.


Teaching Strategies

The second set provide teaching strategies that may or may not require the use of technology. The strategies aim to enhance the teaching of teachers for a more meaningful experience among the students.

Faculty Focus

This site features articles on effective teaching strategies for the college classroom. These articles are either for online or classroom setup.

Hunger Games Lesson

Being one of the most-watched movies of the younger generation, this site provides lessons, activities, and discussions in class using the movie Hunger Games as a tool.


The teachers’ Value Added Models (VAMs) aside from teacher evaluation and accountability are presented in this blog. Even the issues and other matters are here to make sure that teachers are update about the trends in teaching.

Teaching Teens in the 21st

This blog contains strategies, activities, worksheets for instructions especially for media literacy, which is the main focus of the site. Also, the blog aims to make students at least digitally able in using various applications and software in their daily living.

The Playground Advocate

The site provides creative ideas in teaching. With the sprinkle of technology, the creators of the site aim that teachers will unleash the creativity in them that will make the classroom instruction more fun and exciting.

Your Training Edge

A group of Training Professionals provide insights to the blog with regard to providing lessons that they learned from their teaching experience. Likewise, educators are also welcomed to share their expertise and strategies to the site.

Advocate for Possibility

The blog gives emphasis on the why of being an educator in order to motivate and empower teachers to love their craft and be more passionate about teaching. Based on the belief of the author, understanding the why is the key for teachers to love the profession more.


The blog features helpful courses for the improvement of teachers in terms of instruction. Although a private institution, Eliademy aim to help people who seek for their assistance.

Resources for Teachers

Differentiated Lesson, instructional strategies, and lesson ideas are some of what are being offered by this blog to teachers. These resources are something that will give suggestions for teachers in their instructions.

License to Teach

This blog is where teachers can share their lessons, support to other teachers, struggles, and inspiring words. This site acknowledges that teachers need all these toe become better in their craft.

Reading Rockets

This blog presents all necessary information and activities about reading and strengthening its skills among students.

Teach Thought

Is a portal that presents links that are useful for teaching and learning the English language. These aim to help teachers become resourceful in creative in their lessons.

For the Teachers

The blog presents various effective instructional strategies that some teachers use in their classes.

The Cool Cat Teacher Blog

Viki Davis shares her insights and effective classroom strategies in her blog. The site also offers fun exciting freebies for teachers!

Learning is Messy

Learning is Messy provides the rewarding aspect of being “messy”. Hence, it encourages freedom and creativity among teachers in terms of choosing non-traditional instructions.

Organized Classroom

This teacher-friendly site aims to lessen the stress among teachers! Hooray, there’s a feel-good site that will never fail to put a smile on every teacher’s face.

Polka Dotted Teacher

The blog offers fresh ideas for classroom arrangement and strategies that are effective and fun for the students. Just like a polka dot, the unconventional ideas of the blog will inspire every teacher to be creative.

Speed of Creativity

This blog presents news about teaching and various podcasts that inspire teachers to continue being creative in their lessons and activities.

Thank You Brain

This blog presents something new for teachers, and that is for them to find a way to enhance and to take care of their memory.

David Warlick

The topics presented in the blog is so varied that it allows teachers to gain insightful ideas about various matters aside from teaching more particularly with his discussion on illiteracy.

Mrs. Orman’s Classroom

Being passionate about literature, this blog is an empowering tool for teachers to explore various strategies in teaching Macbeth and other classics.


Dr. Harrold’s exciting lessons on British literature never fail to encourage teachers to try out the various teaching strategies in literature teaching.

Annenberg Learner

This site encourages teachers to attend workshops that will enhance their creativity in teaching literature. Also, various effective strategies in teaching literature are also found in the site.

English Adventure

The blog helps teachers specially EFL teachers who are the most challenged and need assistance in teaching. This blog creates a necessary knowledge needed by EFL teachers most especially the new teachers.

Busy Teacher

For ESL teachers who find it challenging to teach literature in an ESL setting, this blog provides details that ESL teachers need in creating a learning atmosphere.


Teacher Training

The blogs focus on training teachers to improve their craft.

Dataworks Educational Research

Teachers are not just educators but researches as well. This blog offers training needed by teachers in their research endeavors.

JL Solutveckling

This is a Swedish site that helps teachers become digital literate through provisions of blog entries and videos that will train teachers in this area. Digital literacy is brought to a higher level by this blog.

Joomlalms Learning Blog 

This blog trains teachers through the articles and online demo that it offers.  Usually through videos, there are effective videos that help teachers become aware of how they will further enhance their teaching.

My English

This blogs aims to make teachers “learn, play, share, and connect globally in English”. The activities in this site are fun, engaging, easy to follow, and are authentic tasks that will surely enable students to connect themselves globally.

Blended Learning Cookbook

The blog provides substantial information on blended learning which is now being used in classroom teaching. Although the term is no longer foreign for some teaches, the blog aims not just for teachers to know the term but also so understand fully how it can help teachers in having effective classroom teaching.

A Thinking Woman’s Blog

Looking at teaching from Bobbie Elaine’s blog is something that every educator should try. She has the capacity to allow teachers to realize some realities in classroom teaching that we all have to face.

Best Education Blogs

The Blog is a database of all helpful blogs that will make teachers open to various strategies and ideologies about teaching.

Teaching Science, Music, PE, and other Subject Areas

Since English is not the subject where students grapple with, the blogs provide other strategies to use in other content areas.

Teaching High School Psychology

The blog contains resource for teachers who handle high school psychology regardless of the academic set up. Since high school psychology requires tremendous preparation to the teacher, this helpful blog will accompany the teachers in their road to classroom teaching.


This is where teachers can find valuable and effective resources on English, Math, and other subjects. Even though there are many subject areas that this site offers, the resources as well thought of and are very useful since the sources are prepared by teachers as well.

Support REAL Teachers

The site presents various effective strategies in teaching the English language learners. It really supports teachers to every academic endeavor that they face every day.

Seymour Simon

This is fun-filled blog about science. Everything that children love and are fascinated with are in this blog! He even encourages teachers to use his materials as part of classroom discussion in order to instill love for learning among the young students. He can even visit your class if you invite him.

The blog was created to unite teachers of PE, coaches, physical activity leaders, volunteers and university practitioners share and discuss about the practice and other effective practices are PE instructors and researchers.


The blog caters to the needs of STEM teachers or any field of study related to the field of science. Having a content specialized for science, the activities show that the activities are well designed and teachers will find the materials very, very useful.

Mitchell Robinson

For music teachers and others who are inclined to music, Mitchell Robinson shares his expertise with regard to teaching music to students across levels.

Economy Marnix College

A Dutch (Netherlands) website that gives assistance to Economy teachers and students that will help them teach effectively. The assistance range from the materials preparation to the instruction and other important aspects that will equip teachers the important skills in teaching a technical subject.

White Group Maths

Is the perfect site for Math teachers to learn about the various effective instructional strategies in line with Math. There also fun games and exercises that you will never knew are fun even if the exercises are math.

PYP PE with Andy

This blog is intended for teaching PE subjects and informing teachers about various strategies in teaching the lessons in PE. Andy, being a seasoned PE teacher, was able to showcase creative and fun strategies in teaching Physical Education to students.


The blog presents ideas and materials that can be used in teaching math. The lessons are brilliantly designed to make sure that every student will enjoying learning math!

Science Stuff

If there’s a blog about math, this blog is about teaching science from the perspective of a biology teacher.

Teaching Tricks

This blog caters to various subject areas that will guide SLE, Science AST teachers, ITT mentor and tutors in becoming more effective in teaching.

Raisa Academy

This blog aids math teachers in solving equations or encourage Math teachers to constantly do their best. Who could ever have thought that Math teachers can have this type of support?

Power Up

This site specifically included the students with disabilities. The subject range from English, Math or any subject.

The University of Carolina

The blog part presents practical strategies for STEM and other subject areas. Since the university is known for the science courses, expect that meaningful information is offered by the site.

The Curriculum Corner

This blog is run by two teachers and neighbors, and gives instructional tips for teaching lessons that meet the Common Core standards. Teachers will definitely enjoy the different subject areas that are offered in the blog.

For Librarians

There are also blogs that aim to help librarians since they are the teachers’ partners in schools.

The True Adventures of a High School Librarian

The site aims to make librarians, students and non-teaching personnel to become “digital competent” and have the “digital initiative.”

Windy City Literacy Coach

Aside from digital literacy, the site emphasizes on the balanced literacy classroom.

S.O.S for Literacy

Lesson Plans, Teaching Ideas, and Builders are presented in the site in order to empower teachers and librarians to give to importance to literacy.

Maui librarian 2 in Olinda

The blog contains all events from that school that helped raise awareness in literacy. Also, the interesting culture of the school is being shown based the various entries. 

For The Guidance Counselors

The same as the librarians, the guidance counselors also need assistance in teaching or discussing ideas to the students.

The Middle School Counselor

The blog presents strategies that the guidance counselors and teachers can use.

Elementary School Counseling

This helpful blog empowers the guidance counselors of the younger students by providing activities and materials that can be used in making guidance counselors effective.

White Hall Middle School Counseling

Understanding the concerns and needs of Middle School Guidance counselors have given much consideration when the site was made.

The Adventurous School Counselor

It is surprising when a guidance counselor deviates from the conventional strategies. This site provides a refreshing insight of how to conduct group guidance session and other fun and meaningful activities.

Stephen Bell Elementary

The site presents the various responsibilities of guidance counselors and the strategies that teachers may use. Although very simple, the blog shares other substantial information.

I Heart School Counseling

This blog provides strategies and activities in guidance counseling. Also, there are fun decorations that the students will surely love and teachers will surely enjoy doing.

The blog presents various activities and responsibilities that beginner guidance counselor can use. The category is listed down in order for the users to easily locate them.

Mary G.

This helpful blog uses ASTEC approach to understand the child. Aside from that, the blog shows the fun activities at school. This inspires other guidance counselors to try doing the other activities as school.

Student Learning

The blogs below aim to help students enrich themselves through studying.

 Virtual Voice

This is the platform for students, teachers, and parents can use to express their opinion in the given social issues.  In addition, this site empowers each individual to enjoy student learning.

Dicas de Ingles

The site educates and empower Spanish aspirants to study English since it can open many opportunities to them.

Connections Academy

It is an information highway that offers learning various learning activities which will make them become independent learners who can learn on their own and are responsible for their actions.

Solana Santa Fe School

The sources in this site are carefully selected for the students in order for them to enrich their knowledge about various things that will help them in their academics. Teachers can also use their updated sources of information for teaching purposes.

Cal Newport

This “Study Hacks Blog” promise students to become better studious students who do not crack under pressure.  Its cool approach to reviewing and studying will make every student enjoy learning no matter how complex the concept that is being discussed. 

Student – Motivation

The blogs below help the students in becoming better individuals who have their own aspirations.

Bethlehem Center of Charlotte

This blog provides various programs for teachers and students alike in order to send deserving students to college. It was funded by United Methodist Women in 1940, it has been an institution that allowed children from Brooklyn to the other areas in the United States.


This organization financed by Honors Graduation which is a company for graduation apparels. The organization finds a way to continue empowering the students and the teachers. Drug addiction and other negative influences for the students are the things that the students are being educated in order to create a world where people can live to their potentials.

New Hanover Country Schools

This blog focuses on spreading positivity for the students and teachers so the community will become a conducive place to live. The school does not stop in seeking for opportunities that will build the self-esteem and positivity among the students.

Institute for Educational Advancement

The site desires to helping youth who are considered gifted or talented. Also, the site does not stop in gathering resources for parents and teaches of these students in order for them to bring out their true potentials which are oftentimes affected by the ignorance of the many about their condition.

Omniac Education

The site assists students in preparing academically for college and their other academic endeavors that they wish to face. Tutoring is its main feature that it offers to students.

Educational Issues

The blogs provide intellectual commentary about the existing issues in education.

Rob Furman

The page contains all the articles written by Rob Furman who is in the field of education for 20 years. The topics of his articles are a must-read among educators in order for them to find time reflecting upon issues that they are part of.


Curmudgucation is a blog that presents valuable points of discussion about the issues in the educational system in the United States. These thought-provoking issues and insights allow teachers to become critical thinkers.

The Government Guru

The blog features a combination of humorous and serious articles about the education system and other essential happenings in the United States. The articles are written to present ideas that are oftentimes being overlooked by people.

The Wall Kicker

It is a site that contains various trending articles from the most-browsed or visited sites. Since it is a political blog, expect that the topics presented are far from the superficiality that some people focus on.

Education Week

It is a site that presents various blogs which topics range from politics, education, international issues, and research. Having an impressive collection of notable insights and commentaries, Ed Week is something that can be visited by teachers or any matured individuals from time to time.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The articles posted in this site vary and are refreshing even though the essential ideas are never absent in each article that is posted. Being a chronicle of higher education, it successfully presented the various perspectives of people belonging to the higher education since the articles are from both the educators and students.

Teaching Blog Addict

This site is a community of educators who share their feelings and ideas about any issues from the most serious to the most mundane experience that a teacher can think of. Who could ever think that teachers have zany and interesting blogs on the planet!

The Daily Riff

Do you want legit serious stuff? Read The Daily Riff. It offers the most serious and no-nonsense articles about the academe and the educational system.

Online Learning Update

The site present online news and thoroughly researched articles to inform the educators, students, and teachers about the current issues that we all face. Each contributor are affiliated to various academic and corporate institutions where ethics in gathering information are strictly observed.

This blog tackles issues on educational policy and politics and no other issues are presented. Given this, the readers are ensured that the substantial ideas from very reliable individuals are the only one being published in the site.

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