Remuneration/Salary Of A Healthcare Management Professional And Satisfaction

 Behind every smiling face that leaves a health care facility are the services of a breed of professionals who do not affect them directly, but indirectly make their stay comfortable and their recovery speedy. A health care manager is essential to the facility in shaping its policy and implementing it, depending on his management grade, so as to ensure a positive practice environment for the care providers, which translates into comfortable patients. Monetary remuneration is critical to these professionals, but it is the happy smiles of a patient leaving the facility bereft of his ailment, that really rewards these silent angels.

Job opportunities in the sector

Figures from the US labor department reveal that healthcare managers and administrators held more than 315000 jobs in the year 2012. The roles vary from middle management to CEO. They bridge the public and private enterprises, with some being employed in bodies that help shape policies of healthcare for the greater community.  It is also revealed by the US labor department that the expected increase in job opportunities in this field between the years 2012 through 2022 is a whopping 23%. This translates to an increase of job numbers by about 73000 in this period and is in fact way more than most professions.

The paycheck of a qualified professional

The size of a health care manager is dependent on various factors. The size of the facility as also his grade in the organization both play a role in deciding the remuneration he takes home. The median annual wage of healthcare managers in May 2012, as per the US bureau of labor statistics, stands at $ 88,580. Therefore the bottom 10% earned at less than $53940, while the top 10% took home more than $150, 560. As mentioned the size of the facility also plays a role in the remuneration. Thus a facility with 6 or less number of physicians would accord a median compensation of $ 87, 862, while those having between 7 to 25 physicians would offer at $126, 478, and bigger facilities employing more than 25 physicians could compensate at $148, 604.

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