Duties And Relevance Of A Healthcare Management Professional

With increased stress and pollution levels in our lives, health issues are becoming more common, making visits to the hospital a necessity. With big money involved in healthcare today, hospitals are increasingly working ways and means to make the visit to a health care facility comfortable. This ensures a good word of mouth and of course repeat and referral business. Health care managers and administrators play a key role in ensuring this.

Administrative responsibilities of healthcare manager

The healthcare manager is the business brains of a medical practice who liaises between all functions in the facility to ensure smooth operation. This makes life comfortable for patient and medical practitioner alike. The health care manager is critical in determining the strategy of function of the facility and implementing it. He is responsible for ensuring coordination between the various functions of the facility as also managing the staff both medical and non medical. Representation in various statutory bodies, as also appearing as the face of the facility may be some of his other roles.

The key responsibilities

A health care manager wears many hats in a health care facility. Some of the key responsibilities he fulfils are:

  • Strategy: a healthcare facility is essentially created to meet the needs of a community. At the same time as means of livelihood and often as a business venture, has to take care of the needs of the associated stake holders, whether medical practitioner, non medical support staff or investors. The health care manager’s primary role is to ensuring a vision to marry the requirements of all stakeholders, and its successful implementation.
  • Representation: the health care manager works as a liaison between various functions within the facility and also without. Representation, arbitration and corroboration in various bodies internal and external including statutory is also an important role of the health care management professional.
  • Staffing: one of the key roles of a health care management professional is in staffing. This includes the budgeting and compliance to budget of staffing requirement, whether that be of doctors, medical support, administrative support including maintenance, housekeeping billing etc. performance benchmarks and the appraisal of staff basis the same and appropriate rewarding mechanism may also be his duty.

The man Friday

The healthcare management professional is essentially a man Friday in a health care facility ensuring that doctors, patients and other staff are comfortable visiting and working in the facility. Optimal performance basis his available resource, as also good repeat and referral business generation through customer satisfaction is one of his primary responsibilities and thus makes him critical in a health care facility.

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