Emergency Medical Technician Helps In Assessing Medical Problem

Considered to be one of the most important branches of medical fraternity, the duties of emergency medical technician are of paramount significance. Among various responsibilities, one of the most important duties of an emergency medical technician is to administer pre-hospital medical care to the patients. The patients are extricated from dangerous situations with the help of an EMT.

Reflexive Response of Medical Technicians

Trained to provide quick response in emergency, they work under the guidance of a physician and make their presence felt in ambulance service and patient transportation. With the acquired skill to deal with stressful conditions, they are able to tackle situations pertaining to any mass casualties, violence of mental and physical in nature.

Brief note on responsibilities

Talking about the basic responsibilities of an EMT, it is to maintain composure during critical conditions and show accountability of taking a history of SAMPLE. It stands for certain mandatory steps to be performed by an EMT.

  • S stands for signs and symptoms
  • A means allergies
  • M defines medication
  • P for pertinent previous¬† medical history
  • L means the last oral intake of the patient
  • E stands for the events that have led to the injury.
  • They help to assess medical needs for the injured and sick.
  • A technician provides assistance during any traumatic injuries or accidental scenes.
  • They manage proper patient assessment, birth assistance, burn management and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  • An EMT helps in the activities related to the nasogastric intubation.
  • In case of emergency, they use automated external defibrillators.

The technician should go by the basic check list to determine symptoms and other parameters before providing with appropriate medical care according to the history of the patient.  The medical technician aims at proper moving and lifting of the patients. They are the clinicians that are trained to respond to any emergency situation leading to medical issues, quickly.

Intermediate and paramedic duties

Being indulge in a lifesaving profession, an emergency medical technician is supposed to deliver medication during conditions like heart attacks, airway management and traumas. Some of the medical treatments include bleeding control, bandaging the injuries, broken bone splinting, etc. The technicians are trained for the services of cardiac monitoring and performing airway techniques. In the field of paramedic, the technicians are guided with advance life support services. Paramedic duties that are addressed to the EMT include evaluation of medical records and assistance in blood transfusion. The technicians are well trained to perform primary care paramedics. By accurate medication and care, an EMT acts as an emergency health care responder.

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