Salary And Benefits Offered To A Dental Assistant

Whatever job you may want to do in life, the first thing you should be careful about is the salary. If the salary is not enough, you may feel after a point of time that all efforts are going in vain. It will lead to lack of motivation, and slowly you lose interest. A good salary that rewards your effort means you are happy to make the work become a part of your life. So, before you become a dental surgeon, make sure you know your salary and added benefits properly. Although it is one of the more prospering jobs, it is you whose happiness matters here. So decide for yourself whether the salary is enough.

Average salary of dental assistants

The hourly average salary of a dental assistant is around $14.96.The CTC eventually becomes around $22k to $43k. It depends on bonuses worth $1k and profit sharing worth $4k. The annual salary depends on a lot of factors like company size, industry, location, experience and qualification. The average annual salary, as reported by Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $35,640 for dental assistants, and median salary was $34,900. The locations with highest salaries were centered in San Francisco, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. A dental assistant gets a decent pay according to his job.

Perks and benefits offered

The employer matters a lot in case of dental assistants. If your employer is a wise and nice man, then your job satisfaction will be extremely high. The good news is that, in general, job satisfaction is already high in this field. One-third of these employees get medical benefits while two-fifths receive dental coverage. Also, a bonus and profit sharing structure results in higher pay than the usual. So, if you want to join the medical field as a dental assistant and want to receive a salary that justifies the value for work, then you should join a nice clinic today.


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