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Duties And Responsibilities To Perform As A Dental Assistant

Medical field is vast and ever-expansive. Different jobs are rising fast on the horizon, and dental assistant is one of the most important of them. Not only do they augment the effectiveness of oral health care quality of the dentist they work for, but also help the patients receive smooth service. It is a job that requires strong interpersonal skills and a steady but decisive mind with responsible nature. If your character fits these demands, then you should seriously consider about embarking on a career based on dental assistance. But, before you join, you may want to know the duties and responsibilities you have taken before delivering the best.

Technical works of dentistry

As an assistant, you need to sterilize and prepare the instruments, take teeth impressions for further studying, polish clinical crowns, making X-ray radiographs, etc. You also need to take part in laboratory actions like pouring and trimming models, building customized trays and creating temporary bridges for crown. You need to apply fluoride and sealing materials. Also, during a dental operation, you need to help him with operative and surgical methods. All these technical work help the dental surgeon a lot in his patient handling and laboratory work. But your work is not complete as a technical assistant, there is more.

Administrative work of Dentistry

Apart from the technical help, you also need to provide managerial skills in the office. You have to be a receptionist, greet them and give them a brief introduction to the dental practice or the dental process they may have to go through. Also, you need to manage tasks such as scheduling patient appointments, keeping detailed records, take up calls if need be and patient billing. You also need to order laboratory supplies for the clinic to run smoothly. You also need to document and implement current infection control standards for assurance of compliance.

Communicative work of Dentistry

Apart from the administrative work, you also need to have good communication skills because you need to arrange seating for patients in the area of treatment. You also need to pass the dental instruments during dental procedures. You should deal with patient’s companions and work with a wide range of groups. In short, you should have a thorough knowledge of technical details, have mettle for managerial work and possess brilliant ability to talk people out of every situation. If you have all these skills, you can become a successful dental assistant in your professional career.

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