How to Become a Welder

According to some of the newest, plausible and multiple researches that have been conducted on the area of business and the most fruitful opportunities in the world of business, the working position of a welder, in particular, was ranked quite high on the top list of the recently most sound business investments and the working positions that are most likely to bring you the greatest profit.

Having that in mind, it would be beneficial to get to know some of the useful data and some of the useful pieces of information that are connected to this working position that is gaining more and more popularity, especially in the recent few years. What it takes to become a welder and afterwards, what it takes one to enhance their welding business once they have started their career in this area successfully – these are the questions that the people interested in starting their career in welding might ask themselves. Therefore, the aim of this article is to try to reach their expectations and answer these questions.

What Do Welders Do

The first question that may pop up when any working position is at stake, especially when it is asked by someone who is not enough or event not at all familiar with the working position mentioned is how to obtain the required skills and qualities and meet up the expectations of a certain working position in order to get informed about how to start their career in the certain field.

When it comes to welding and welders, the most common occupation of this vocation is to work with metal materials of various kinds. For example, welders work with aluminum, steel and other metal materials. Besides, they can also choose to work with metal supplies and produce metal supplies. That sounds like the most attractive opportunity especially to the ones who are not mostly assured in their own skills and proficiency regarding welding. In addition, people in welding business can also dedicate to selling welding products and get engaged in welding service and transport, as well as cooperate with those who work in the fabrication industry.

To sum this paragraph up, these are the most common occupations of a welder:

  • fabricating aluminum products
  • fabricating steel products
  • producing aluminum and steel supplies
  • producing metal supplies
  • mobile welding
  • welding service and trade
  • running a blog about welding
  • cooperating with fabrication industries

Work Environment of a Welder

When it comes to the working environment of a welder, there are a few possibilities that need to be presented in this article in order for the reader to form a complete opinion on what it takes to become a welder. To start with, for most of the time, most of the welders are used to working in certain industrial facilities. Nevertheless, if one is starting out with a private business in welding according to their own preferences, one can also create a private space, in other words, a private venue or facility that enables workers to engage in welding and create various products and supplies. In addition to all of that, as it has been previously mentioned, many people engaged in welding business choose not only to fabricate products but to engage in welding trade and welding service as well. Therefore, they will also need to take their work outdoors. That refers to mobile welders mostly.

To sum up, here is the list of the possible work environments of a welder:

  • industrial facility
  • private facility
  • an office (regarding welding trade and service or running a blog)
  • outdoors (working with clients)

Challenges of Welding as a Working Position

This article has so far given a few pieces of information about what it means to be a welder, or in other words, what the basis and the basic details, as well as requirements of this working position, are. Now, the question about whether there are any challenges regarding this particular working position or not may arise. The same as it works for the majority of vocations people get engaged in, of course, there are various challenges welding imposes on the ones that engage in it as well. Firstly, one has to investigate the market thoroughly and be up to date with the news about welding and welding techniques and to always be up to date with all the information about welding. Besides, one engaged in welding needs to obtain certain skills, certificates and broad experience, as well as to carefully decide on who among the people from similar occupations one may cooperate with.

How to Become a Welder

Having found out what welders commonly do, what some of their most usual preoccupations are as well as what skills are on top of the list of the ones required from a welder that has headed for the future success, the next question that may logically arise is how one can become a welder. To become a welder, the same as it works for the most of all the human occupations and working positions, one needs to have certain skills and also to undergo a suitable training program in ordered to learn about the working process itself and achieve the requirements set for all the future welders who desire to appear as professionals and who get their future job seriously.

Therefore, one of the aims of this article is to inform the readers about what exactly the requirements set for a future welder are and how one can achieve them and become a successful welder. After explaining those crucial facts about this working position, this article will proceed to give pieces of advice on how one can enhance one’s welding business once one has successfully started out with it.

How to Create a Growth-Oriented Business

So far, this article has already given some pieces of information about what the skills required of a welder are as well as what the possible work environments in this working position might be. Once one has started out their welding business successfully, the next logical step is to get informed about how to enhance their business and make it growth-oriented. In order to improve your welding business, first of all you will need to investigate the market and to always be up to date with the most fruitful opportunities that appear for you out there. Besides that, every potentially successful business person must be willing to choose the most suitable partners to collaborate with. This is essential regarding almost any working career and area. In addition to that, every successful business person must be ready to think outside the box and not to be afraid of taking risks or trying new methods out, such as leading a blog about their business.

Training and Education

This paragraph aims to give the information about what type and level of education are expected from a future welder and kind of training they may need to undergo. First of all, welders are not required to reach a high level of formal education. Simply obtaining a high school diploma or an equivalent of this diploma are the minimal requirements. This is because some of the employers require their welders to have experience as apprentices or to have postsecondary education. Some employers may also require the completion of welding-based tests. In order to obtain these requirements, future welders need to choose the suitable program, whether a formal education one or an apprenticeship program, that reaches the expectations of their future employers. Here is the list of the possibilities in how to get the proper education and training as a welder.

  • Formal Education

When it comes to formal education, some employers do not require a high level of it to be achieved from their future employees in welding. Many of them consider a high school diploma or any equivalent as a completely satisfactory proof of their future employee’s knowledge. The others may have different preferences – they may require an undergraduate degree from a technical school, vocation school or a community college.

To assist you in choosing the right school in order to get prepared for a future welding career, here is the list of the schools that offer the best welding programs:

  • Lincoln Tech – located in Connecticut, requires being a high school graduate or having a completed GED
  • Fortis College – has campuses in Georgia, Ohio and Pennsylvania, offers classroom-based programs of welding and welding technology
  • Penn Foster High School – students are required to be at least at 14 years of age and have their eighth grade completed, based on online learning
  • Pearl River Community College – located in Mississippi, the curriculum includes a few areas: Coursework, Diploma, Associate, Mechanic and Repair Technologies (Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Refrigerator Repairing), Precision Metal Working (Machine Stop Technologies, Welding Technology, Vehicle Repair and Maintenance)
  • Dunwoody College of Technology – located in Minnesota, offers a program of Welding Technology among the department Precision Metal Working
  • Milwaukee Area Technical College – located in Wisconsin, offers a program of welding Technology among the department of Precision Metal Working.
  • High Level of Formal Education

Most of the employees in the business of welding do not set achieving a high level or degree in formal education as a demand for their future employees. Nevertheless, some people who desire to obtain more thorough knowledge in the field of welding have a few opportunities ahead. They may aim for a Welding Certificate of Achievement, as well as an Associate of Science in Welding or a Bachelor of Science in Welding Engineering.

Here is the list of some high educational institutions where the certificates mentioned can be obtained:

  • The University of Montana – located in Montana, offers a program of welding Technology among the department of Precision Metal working
  • Ferris State University
  • University of Alaska
  • Utah State University
  • Apprenticeships

Although they do not seek a high level of formal education from their future employees, the majority of employers in the field of welding require their employees to present them with a proof of their experience as apprentices. There are numerous possibilities offered to a welder who desires to gain more experience and become more capable of doing complex tasks. Therefore, if an apprenticeship is your employer’s requirement, make sure to go for it.

  • Seminars and Online Courses

Apart from engaging in apprenticeship, there are other possibilities for gaining the informal education in the field of welding. Here is the list of some of the useful seminars and courses that may help future welders gain more knowledge in the field:

  • CWI Pre-Seminar
  • CWS Online Seminar
  • CWSR Online Seminar
  • Destructive Testing
  • Economics of Welding
  • Fabrication Math (various levels)
  • Metallurgy (various levels)
  • AWS Seminars

In addition to all the seminars and courses listed, there are also a number of virtual conferences one can attend in order to gain more useful pieces of information and advice in the field of welding. There are also educational sources such as blogs and Youtube welding channels.

Specialists’ Assistance

If one desires any further assistance during their education and training in welding, one might find it useful to communicate and exchange knowledge and information with a specialist. That is always possible via visiting the Instructors Institute. There is a possibility to visit this institute online, which will save a lot of your time.

Certificate and Degree in Welding

As it has been previously said, the requirements for a future welder differ from employer to employer. Any of them may impose different demands onto their future employees. In order to obtain the right proof of your knowledge and experience as a welder, make sure to get informed about what are the ones that the employer you chose finds suitable. Here is the list of certain certificates and degrees that may be required from welders:

  • High School Diploma or a Diploma of equivalent level
  • Certificate in Apprenticeship
  • Undergraduate Degree from a technical school, vocation school, or a community college
  • Welding Certificate of Achievement
  • Associate of Science in Welding
  • Bachelor of Science in Welding Engineering


The research conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics combines a few similar occupations in order to determine their common average annual salary. Those similar job vocations are welders, cutters, solderers and brazers. According to the research conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual salary for each of these occupations is $ 40,970. The research was conducted in the year 2015.

Job Outlook

When it comes to job outlook in welding business, the research conducted recently by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the working positions of welders, cutters, solderers and blazers have marked a significant projected job growth of 4% for the period 2014-2024. When the working position of a welder and welding business itself are at stake, it must be pointed out that there is a huge variety of opportunities and different positions one can choose from in the field of welding. Some of the people in this field may prefer working with aluminum or steel and creating products of those materials, as working with these two materials, in particular, appears as a sound investment especially in recent years, according to a renowned research.

The ones who do not have much confidence when it comes to their skills in fabricating products decide to resort to aluminum, steel or any other kind of metal supplies, which appears to be equally fruitful as using pure aluminum or steel. Welding service and trade, as well as mobile welding, are also the working positions in the field of welding that are highly required on the market nowadays. In order to help the readers and the potential future welders among them decide which of these positions they would like to choose, here is a list of the most common occupations of a welder:

  • Aluminum Products

A thorough research of the field of welding has shown that, especially in the few recent years and the current year of 2016, working with aluminum projects appeared as a fruitful business opportunity as well as a sound investment. Therefore, those who are ambitious about improving their welding business and are eager to find the material to work with which will bring them the greatest profit should definitely consider fabricating aluminum products.

  • Steel Products

Along with the fabrication of aluminum products, those who are seriously engaged in the field of welding business and wish to improve their business should consider resorting to fabricating steel products. The same as aluminum products, steel products are the ones that are constantly needed on the market. Therefore, fabricating and releasing such products will definitely appear as a sound investment to anyone who is seriously engaged in it.

  • Aluminum Supplies

When it comes to choosing the material you wish to work with from a broad range of those that are available, one might encounter the obstacle of not being enough self-assured or not being so convinced in their welding skills to risk working with materials such as pure aluminum and steel. There is a solution to such a problem. Apart from aluminum and steel products, aluminum supplies and steel supplies are by no means neglected on the market. Therefore, all the ones who feel insecure about starting to work with pure aluminum may resort to producing aluminum supplies, such as aluminum doors, wardrobes, windows, etc. as they are extremely popular on the market and widely used.

  • Steel Supplies

The same as some business persons engaged in the field of welding do not estimate their welding skills high enough to decide to take up working with pure steel and fabricating steel products may not get discouraged to keep being engaged in welding business. The same as it works for those who resort to working with aluminum supplies instead of pure aluminum due to the lack of the skills required may also resort to producing steel supplies rather than fabricating steel products. Some of these products may be steel rods, angles and sheets and all of them may be offered to the local community.

  • Welding Service and Trade

Although one engaged in welding may be quite successful when starting a small, local business and fabricating various products in cooperation with suitable partners, welding is by no means all about fabricating products of metal materials and producing a range of metal supplies. There is a whole load of further opportunities for your career in welding. As a serious and ambitious business person, you must investigate the market and start selling the products among the local community. This will definitely appear as a fruitful business opportunity.

  • Mobile Welding

This is a position that takes a person engaged in welding business outdoors, in order to present certain products and communicate with the local community and potential customers. In order to obtain a group of loyal customers, apart from being informed about and educated in welding, one must have exceptional communication skills and one must be up to date with the latest news from the local market.

  • Running a Blog about Welding

It is common knowledge that every business person who has headed towards success must be willing to think outside the box. The same definitely applies to the ones who are engaged in welding business. As it has been previously said, welding is not only about fabricating products and producing supplies. Apart from that and getting in touch with the local community and the other producers in order to sell certain products successfully, one can also engage in representing various products through writing a blog about welding.

Similar Occupations

If one desires to gain success in their future career, they must carefully examine the market and be informed about the opportunities that may be offered to them. Speaking of opportunities, one of the greatest of them may be to find a suitable person, company of a field similar to yours so you can successfully cooperate and create a partnership that will be beneficial to the both sides. Therefore, in order to decide who to collaborate with as a welder, here is the list of occupations similar to welding:

  • Fabrication Industries
  • Cutters
  • Solderers
  • Brazers

Among the occupations listed, the one that shares the greatest number of similarities with welding is fabrication industry. Therefore, it would be a sound investment to both welders and the ones engaged in this industry to cooperate and work on to various business projects together.

How to Become an Electrician


Electricians are vitally important nowadays. Let’s face it – without electricity, you would not be able to charge your newest iPhone, you would not be able to catch Pokemons at your local district, not to even mention sending snaps to your friends and liking their pictures on Instagram. With or without a license, electricians are well-trained technicians who are responsible starting from replacing an electrical outlet up to wiring buildings who are newly built.

If you want to know and find out more about electrician work, what skills it requires, what kind of education and training are necessary, this is the right place! Keep reading and you will find it out…


What does an Electrician do?

You will agree – our lives depends on electricity. Electricians are involved with a variety of settings. Basically, any type of building or facility that needs electricity to function. Our day to day life indeed relies on these workers and believe – there always will be demand for these workers.

In broad terms, electricians;

  • maintain, install and repair wiring, transformers and different other systems;
  • fix circuitry problems all around us (homes, shopping centres, and so on);
  • read technical diagrams and blueprints;
  • follow building codes and newest requirements in order to build wires safely;

Work environment

As you may guess, electricians work outdoors as well as indoors, and almost in every type of facility. If you really like your work and want to earn indeed good money, you don’t have to worry – most of the electricians have full-time work. Evenings and weekends are also working days.

The work involves electricity, so it is obvious that if you are a potential electrician, your negligence will cause you electrical shocks, burns, and even falls.

How to become an Electrician?

If you want to dedicate your life to this profession, the best way how to start is by attending a technical school. Most states require these general requirements to start your electrician career;

  • pass a drug test;
  • have a high school degree;
  • be 18 years old;
  • obtain a qualifying score on the test;


A lot of people don’t know this – you don’t need a college degree to become an electrician. You can attend electrician training school, community college or trade school. Choosing this path you will become journeymen electricians ( a fully trained electrician who is capable of all types of electrical design, maintenance and installation).
electrician-workAbove mentioned schools provide important preparation;

  • electrical theory, mathematics, motor control, wiring and circuitry;
  • some programs include apprenticeship program – completing this program will get you certified;
  • the specific number of training hours;
  • an exam about electrical theory, electric and building codes;

Skills required

electrician-skillsAs you may guess, a solid understanding of mathematics is required. You don’t have to be a genius, but basic knowledge and understanding will be a good asset for your future career.

Climbing around the buildings and different facilities requires respectable strength and condition. You don’t need to be a bodybuilder or a triathlonist, but you need to be in a good and healthy shape to become an electrician. You will never know what you will have to do to reach the target – reaching, crouching and climbing buildings. Don’t get this wrong – each of us has seen electricians in their fifties and they are not athletes, however, feeling your body and having a full range

of motion will be only a helpful asset. Let’s talk more about licensing. After you finish an apprenticeship, you will have to get your license to become a journeymen electrician (description of this “position” is mentioned above). Licenses are granted by the state, but in certain states, you can get them at the local municipal.


If some of you got confused about requirements and paths what you can choose to become an electrician, here we will break it down:

You can choose between two options –

  1. you find an apprenticeship on your own;
  2.  you attend a technical college, where you will learn skills to get a job.

Each of options got its pros and cons. Further, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of each option;

Apprenticeship advantages;

  • they call it “earn as you learn” You will not earn as much as journeymen, but your wage will increase as the training continues and you get more skilled;
  • after finishing, your college debt will be a lot less than finishing technical college;
  • nowadays, this becomes a more popular way to become electricians through apprentice programs;

Apprenticeship disadvantages;

  • months of waiting, sometimes even years, if you don’t have contacts in the apprenticeship organisation. So if you want to become a specialist in this field as soon as possible, you might consider the second option;
  • lack of skills and knowledge to pass the exams and be skilful throughout the training course. So if you feel like you should brush up your mathematics skills, technical school will be the right option;
  • employers see electricians who attend technical school much more reliable and experienced than people who attend apprenticeship program;

The good thing is – there is a huge variety of electrician schools all across the country. Here lets look at the reasons why you should consider this option and why you shouldn’t.

Electrician school advantages;

  • chances of getting into school are much bigger. With you high school diploma you should get into this system very easily. There is a bigger competition for applying to apprenticeship than electrician schools;
  • you can apply at any time. Technical colleges have multiple times a year when you can start to study. Moreover – it is up to you when you apply for the studies;
  • if you didn’t do that well in high school, you will still have opportunity and chance to apply, so this is a great option how to get started;
  • they are affordable. You will not have to worry about student loan debt or other sources to get money;

Electrician school disadvantages;

  • college debt can be pain in the ass if I can say it like that. Even it costs much less than attending a four-year degree, you will still have to consider loan option. Let’s face it – if you are not working and you need to attend classes, you will need money to pay the rent and other expenses;
  • research before you apply. Out there are a lot of great training colleges, but not all of them are created equally. With that being said – before you apply for studies, you should visit the school, maybe talk with some students about studies and environment in the classrooms as well as in school. You will agree – that’s the worst thing what can happen when you already got student loan, you paid for your studies but only after a few months you realise that the money what you pay for studies, isn’t worth it;

Summing-up above mentioned things: if you are honest with yourself and you know that you’ve been lazy throughout your high school years, your math isn’t at that level as it supposed to be to become an electrician (at least to start) – electrician school is the best option for you. Also – if you are urgently searching to get started – electrician school is the best option

The reputation of your chosen school is more than important. Don’t be lazy – do a research and find out what people are talking about each school. In this way, you will also find out about costs for classes – if they do not charge too much. And in the end, you don’t want to end up with a huge debt and an expensive diploma that can’t help you get desired job position.

How much do Electricians make?

Let’s get down to the numbers – because that’s what you are interested the most, right? I got a good news for you – electricians make a solid salary if I may say so. If we look at the statistics, for the last year (2015th) average income in the United States was $54,500 per year. Thanks to Bureau of Labor Statistics, here we can look at the graph of the average electrician salary in each state. Moreover – comparing with the average salary of all other jobs;

State: Electricians: Average:
Alabama $44,430 $40,890
Alaska $78,800 $54,040
Arizona $45,940 $44,580
Arkansas $43,150 $37,940
California $64,370 $53,890
Colorado $48,240 $49,860
Connecticut $56,580 $55,060
Delaware $52,950 $49,520
Florida $41,970 $41,820
Georgia $45,420 $44,670
Hawaii $64,360 $46,230
Idaho $45,620 $39,770
Illinois $69,940 $48,780
Indiana $58,500 $41,470
Iowa $51,520 $41,120
Kansas $50,320 $42,020
Kentucky $47,070 $40,040
Louisiana $47,260 $40,190
Maine $47,040 $42,140
Maryland $55,590 $53,470
Massachusetts $62,850 $57,610
Michigan $59,520 $45,140
Minnesota $57,830 $48,310
Mississippi $44,360 $36,750
Missouri $57,300 $42,790
Montana $60,700 $39,880
Nebraska $43,790 $41,080
Nevada $57,070 $42,310
New Hampshire $48,050 $47,060
New Jersey $67,570 $53,920
New Mexico $47,890 $42,230
New York $69,820 $55,630
North Carolina $43,280 $40,550
North Dakota $56,350 $44,100
Ohio $51,370 $43,900
Oklahoma $47,510 $40,850
Oregon $68,690 $46,850
Pennsylvania $57,120 $45,750
Rhode Island $50,580 $49,570
South Carolina $41,820 $39,570
South Dakota $44,270 $37,300
Tennessee $46,710 $40,650
Texas $45,130 $45,330
Utah $47,520 $43,550
Vermont $45,000 $44,540
Virginia $47,850 $50,750
Washington $65,590 $52,540
West Virginia $53,190 $37,880
Wisconsin $55,280 $42,880
Wyoming $57,160 $44,930

Found your city? Even numbers are jumping if we look in general – electricians and earning pretty good money no matter in which state you will or desire to work. And numbers speak for themselves – in 47 out of 50 states, electricians are earning more than the average salary for all other jobs. Wait, wait, wait – you may be jumping up and down, already calculating and looking what kind of goods you will buy after the first year of working, but keep in mind – to earn good money, you have to be a good, skilled and reliable worker. Nobody will be interested in working with you if you will be an unskilled or negligent electrician. Another interesting fact – electrician salary is much higher than most of the positions with an expensive four-year college degree.

If some of you been too lazy to check above showed data, here I will mention some interesting data:

  • in 10 states the average income of electricians is more than $60,000 per year (Montana, New York, Illinois, Alaska, New Jersey, Oregon, California, Washington, Massachusetts and Hawaii);
  • in South Carolina electricians earns the least, but what is interesting – it was still more than the average income for all other professions;

Electrician apprentices earn less money than journeymen. But what is interesting – apprentices income increases as they progress more and more into their apprenticeship.

Job Outlook for Electricians

If you believe in statistics, it is estimated that employment of electricians will grow by 14% from 2014 to 2024, which is obvious, if we keep in mind that we are living in a technological century and our day to day life depends on electronic devices and most important – electricity. Homes and other facilities require more wiring, so electricians will be needed to install all these necessary components. Getting a job in this field should not worry you because many employers are already trying to find qualified applicants in their companies and firms. Electricians who can perform different tasks, such as solar installations, electronic system repairing and component wiring will have the best job opportunities and they will be highly demanded.

Currently, in the United States are working over half a million electricians. And as mentioned before – this number will grow within the next few years. Electricity is a clean, renewable source of energy. We read and see on social media that society should use less energy, become more efficient, use less petroleum and other energy sources, but as cities are developing, as technology is developing, we will continue to use (and I believe in much bigger quantities) electricity. Moreover – these “energy consumption” campaigns and “saving the earth” campaigns suggests that we should use and implement more solar power and wind power. But don’t get scared – how do you think, who will install and maintain these solar and wind turbines? Of course – ELECTRICIANS! And that is why this field is expected to grow so rapidly.

If you are still confused and don’t know if you want to apply for studies or no – this is the right time to make the decision.

Why An Electrician?

I believe that this article reads not only potential electricians but also people who are confused and still are looking for their path after high school. And if “electrician” as a profession is somewhere at the back of your head, here will be some other reasons why you should consider this profession as your future one:

  • well paid job for a profession that doesn’t require a 4-year bachelor’s degree. Already mentioned above, the average salary for electricians is $54,500 per year, but the average salary for people with a high school diploma is about $32,200 per year. You don’t have to be a mathematic genius to see, that it is $20,000 difference;
  • taking student loan is a reasonable thing. You invest in your future. Like dentists, doctors or other professions – even if the price for the studies is high, in the end, you will get a well paid job and this student loan will disappear within a few years. The price for the studies varies, so you need to research and consider all options before you start your studies;
  • you will have approvement for your skills – electricians license. In this way, your employer will be sure that you got all the skills to get the job done. For example, in business or marketing, employers actually aren’t sure if their possible employees are able to do the jobs what they are asked to do. But if you have a license, your future employers can be sure that you are properly trained and you got required skills for this profession;
  • you get stable and high demanded workplace. Think about postal workers – when was the last time you saw that guy in front of your mailbox? Social media, e-mails and other 21st century tools leave a lot of people without the job. There are a lot of jobs out there that will not be around us within the next few years. On the other hand – there are a lot of jobs out there who will not go anywhere, and guess what – electrician is one of them;
    • you get an active work. Desk jobs can cause you some health problems, not to even mention about overweight and so on. But electrician profession is perfect mix and equilibrium between active and lazy jobs;
    • opportunity for your own business. After years of work and gained experience, a lot of electricians opens their businesses. Having know-how and contacts within this field, it is easy to take job in your own hands and make a pretty good numbers with your own electrician company;

    Important qualities

    As we already mentioned some of the necessary skills that electrician profession requires, below mentioned ones, will give a huge asset for you as a future electrician, if you have them;

Physical strength – you need to be strong enough in order to carry heavy components;

Business skills – if you consider opening your own business, you must be able to bid on new opportunities, plan payroll, plan working assignments and track your inventory;

Troubleshooting skills – if a device stops working, it will be necessary to do some tests to understand and determine what causes the problem, and then, depending on the results, fix or replace the device. So finding, diagnosing and repairing problems can be on your day to day basis;

Physical stamina – as mentioned before, being active all day, carrying and moving around with you different components can be tuff, so your physical condition and cardio must be on point;

Colour vision – if you are Daltonian, it will cause you a lot of problems, because you will have to identify electric wires and other components by colour;

Customer skills – you will work with different people (clients) on a regular basis. So in order to be successful and well demanded, you have to be polite with your clients, think about whaelectrician-jobt kind of words you are using while around them and how you are behaving. Like they say – if your customer is happy, your business will grow and do well in the future;

Critical thinking – when you will have to perform different tests to understand and diagnose problems, it will be up to you what kind of tools you will use to determine the problem. For example – an outlet is broken. You can use a multimeter to check the amperage, voltage or resistance to determine the best and most efficient action to take;


A lot of talks, a lot of numbers. But let’s summarise this article. First things first – you need to like, I would say to love your profession or field, where are you working or studying. Only by loving and liking what you do, you can become a successful person in the specific field. If we talk about electricians – nowadays they are fundamentally important. And if this article convinced you, that the electrician is a profession what you would like to become in the future, visit as many sites as possible to figure out your next moves, check the available options for you, decide your path and once you start your journey – don’t let anything or anyone to stop you. As far as you love and like what you are doing – that is most important thing in your life.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” /Confucius/

Top 50 HVAC Blogs 2016

There are a number of things that you should consider when it comes to ranking blogs. For instance, the Alexa online visiting rating usually monitors each activity of different blogs found on social media and they also determine the importance of the individual blog post. Some of the common attributes that are used in ranking the blogs include:

  • Visibility: This is where the visibility of a blog is compared to other blogs that are in the same group.
  • Relevance: It is evidence that your blog uses words of it corpus in every blog you post.
  • Engagement: You blog should always have new articles, comments and regular activity.
  • SEO optimization: Your blog should contain certain keywords that doesn’t clutter the content or cause any confusion.
  • General ranking: This is a combination of the scores of the attributes described above.

Air conditioning is an important factor in one’s life as it can help them live a happy and comfortable life. Below are the top 50 air conditioning blogs:

#1 Tado

The idea of this blog is to provide the customers with smart energy management and help them live comfortably. They provide information on smart technologies that have been updated and that automatically ensure no energy is wasted in the heating or cooling of buildings. Tado° combines design, technical development, sales as well as customer service under a single roof and it aims at creating simple, smart and impeccably intuitive solutions.

#2 Energy VanGuard

The mission of this blog is to turn homes into high performance houses by helping their customers succeed, teaching homeowners and professionals about building science, designing high performance heating and air conditioning systems and helping government agencies, manufacturers and other businesses succeed. Their customers include trade contractors, homeowners, building performance institute (BPI) building analysts, home builders, governmental bodies and manufacturers. The main focus of Energy Vanguard is to provide services such as designing, consulting and training.

#3  All System Mechanical

This is a blog about All Systems Mechanical (ASM) which is a small heating and air conditioning repair and Installation Company and its main mission is to train and hire US experts who have skills in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning installation and repair. They guarantee 100% satisfaction and free emergency services on all installations and if their clients aren’t happy they will continue offering their free services until clients are satisfied.

#4 Masssave

This blog is about an energy efficiency service provider which is sponsored by the natural gas and electric utilities of Massachusetts. The main mission of Massive Save Energy Saving Programs is to help businesses and residents manage use of energy and other related costs by providing various energy efficiency services. The blog aims at encouraging smart energy choices and managing energy costs so that the comfort and value of our businesses and homes can be enhanced.

#5 Service Experts

This blog offers heating and air conditioning services as well as AC installation, repair and maintenance to several cities. Their mission is to help homeowners and other clients relax and stay in a comfortable environment. Service experts guarantee 100% satisfaction and aim at providing quality air conditioning services by selling, installing and repairing more air conditioning than any other AC repair and HVAC service company.

#6  Central HTG

This blog is about Trane Certified Comfort Specialists that has helped many homeowners and other clients with their Air Conditioning and Central Heating Installation and Service. They provide durable, reliable and energy efficient brands that can help you live comfortably. Central Heating and Air Conditioning service has more than 25 years of experience in installation and other high efficiency heating and air conditioning equipment. Their first priority is safety, satisfaction and quality.

#7 One Hour Heat and Air

This is a member of the Direct Energy Group of companies and they provide heating and air conditioning services. The good thing is that they have heating and air technicians who are skilled, trained and experienced.

#8 Davis AC

The Davis Air Conditioning and heating blog provides Houston businesses and homeowners with exceptional home heating and air conditioning services. It has been providing the services since 1971 and employs over 50 support staff and technicians and also dispatches 30 service tracks. They offer immediate services and ensure that they are up to date with technology.

#9 John C. Flood

John C. Flood has over 100 years of experience and provides excellent installation, repair and other services for electrical, water heaters, plumbing, standby generators, heating and air conditioning, sump pumps and bath remodeling. Their goal is to ensure that homeowners and other clients are comfortable living in their environment, day or night. John C. Flood is based in Alexandria-VA but provides their services to Washington-DC, Fairfax-VA, Arlington-VA, Gaithersburg, MD, Silver Spring-MD and more.

#10 The Minneapolis St. Paul Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning

The Minneapolis St. Paul Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning is committed to their customers and offers 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything they do. The company has been around since 1918 and their heating, cooling and plumbing technicians have been taking care of homeowners and businesses. They have trained professionals that have the tools, experience, knowledge and skills to help their clients solve any comfort or plumbing problem.

#11 Napoleon Heating and Cooling

Napoleon Heating and Cooling is a blog that has led the way by providing new and innovative technology that persistently goes beyond industry standards. They produce quality products designed to offers that assurance and ensure that each of its product is better than any other. Napoleon Heating and Cooling also provides honest and reliable services that has proven to meet all the standards and requirements.

#12 Maytag

This is another blog that offers better air conditioners and other products that is cheap and affordable. You can cut down on cooling costs by choosing their air conditioner which is the ultimate energy saver. They offer a 12 year reliability promise as well as an entire comfort 12 year all parts warranty.

#13 Howard Air

The first priority of Howard air is to take care of their customers and listening to their requests and concerns. They use those requests and concerns to suggest the best options that can meet the needs and expectations of customers. The company provides quality work in new construction, sales, residential, indoor air quality, service, commercial and any other application.

#14 R&R heating and air conditioning

R&R heating and air conditioning has been there since 1985 and it provides industrial, commercial and residential heating and cooling solutions that range from replacement to repair. From preventive maintenance programs to mechanical system construction and design, they also offer 24-hour emergency repair for any type of brand.

#15 Conduct Air Conditioning

Conduct Air Conditioning is a company around Sydney that usually takes customer service seriously and offer free service with every installation. This company normally contacts you whenever your air conditioning system needs filter replacement or servicing. This company offers   various major brands like LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Daikin, Mitsubishi electric and Actron. They also provide maintenance on any system and air conditioning servicing.

#16 Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning

This blog is about Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning which is a company that was started in 1963 and their aim is to deliver high quality services at an affordable price. It has 30 trucks, 50 years of service, serves more than 40 cities and has over 60,000 customers. Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning specializes in engineering, designing and installation of comfort systems for homeowners and other businesses.

#17 Tuckey

This blog is about answering any question about home maintenance, commercial services, mechanical services and more. They provide a wide range of specialties such as air conditioning, ventilation, air filtration, heating, facilities maintenance, plumbing, remodeling, project development, preventive maintenance, mold remediation, furnace repair, energy efficient solutions, renovations, new construction, duct cleaning, 24-hour emergency service and more.

#18 ACI Northwest

ACI Northwest usually employs approximately 60 employees and provides commercial and residential service and also delivers quality cooling and heating services fast. This company does extremely well when it comes to installing, designing and servicing air conditioning and heating equipment. ACI Northwest offers 100% satisfaction guarantee and if their client is not happy or their systems can’t be fixed, they normally remove the system and return the entire client’s money.

#19 Beyer boys

Beyer boys is a commercial and residential plumbing and HVAC company that was started in 1990 by two men. Now, it has grown and has over 100 employees who offer straight talk, committed service, fair pricing, fair treatment and focus on providing quality services.

#20 Shavitz

It is a blog where experts of Chicago heating and air conditioning at Shavitz Air Conditioning and Heating provide quality installation, repair and other cooling and heating services. They treat their customers like family by providing lifetime workmanship warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee. If their technicians can’t install a new heating system or AC for their clients in a day, they usually offer a portable air conditioning or heating system that can help them stay comfortably.

#21 Roadrunner Air Conditioning

This blog is about roadrunner air conditioning, heating and refrigeration company that ensures their employers are drug tested and background checked. It also offers 100% satisfaction guarantee, 5 year labor and parts guarantee on all repairs, safety inspection and 24/7 emergency services. Their services range from extensive commercial services to heater replacement, air conditioning replacements, air duct cleaning, water heater maintenance and more.

#22 Frosty’s Air Conditioning

This blog is about Frosty’s Air Conditioning which was founded in 1984 and they provide services such as heat pump installation, air conditioning installation and repair and more. They offer the same day heating replacement and air conditioning service as well as new installation services for the needs of home comfort. Frosty’s Air Conditioning offer friendly, common and knowledgeable suggestion concerning heating and air conditioning needs every time.

#23 Service First Air Conditioning and Heating 

This blog is about a company that fixes San Antonio air conditioning units fast and offers services such as AC financing, AC repair, HVAC repair and service, 24-hour heating repairs, industrial air conditioning service, scheduled maintenance plans, 24-hour AC repair service, commercial AC maintenance, service warranties and certified air conditioning technicians. Service First Heating and Air Conditioning provides leading service and skill at an inexpensive price.

#24 Advent air conditioning

It is a blog about Advent air conditioning which is a company that was founded in 1981 and the three main values include quality, honesty and integrity. They typically provide installation, comfortable design and solutions and other services to commercial and residential HVAC clients all over North Texas.

#25 Fort Collins Heating and Air Conditioning

It is a blog about Fort Collins Heating and Air Conditioning whose main priorities are complete satisfaction and comfort for their clients. They usually offer commercial HVAC, heating and air conditioning services to the residents of Loveland, CO and surrounding areas. There are plenty of options their clients can choose from and all of them help customers to live a comfortable life.

#26 AC guys cooling and Air Conditioning Company

It is a blog about AC guys cooling and Air Conditioning Company that provides air conditioner installation, air conditioner repair, new air conditioners, and other air conditioning services. Some of the cities they provide such services include Winter Garden, Lake, Orange, Orlando, Sumter, Marion, Citrus, Osceola, Seminole, and neighboring areas in Central Florida.

#27 Westland HVAC

The idea of this blog is to provide the customers with all types of Avon air conditioning services such as maintenance, repair, replacement and installation. There are also professional technicians that can work with all types of air conditioning systems and get the job done. This blog provides guidance and advice that can help clients sort through various models and makes out there.

#28 Burgeson’s heating and air conditioning

The mission of Burgeson’s heating and air conditioning blog is to be the best contractor in HVAC industry by focusing on quality, integrity and making sure that clients are satisfied with their services. This company has been in business since 1949 and they usually provide high quality, proficient and quiet home comfort systems which are customized for the needs of your home. They have comfort advisors are experts in engineering and designing air conditioning and heating system replacements together with their additional duct work for commercial properties and residential homes.

#29 Sherlock Heating and Air Conditioning

This blog is about Sherlock Heating and Air Conditioning which is a company that was founded in 2002 and their mission is to provide outstanding customer service that can keep clients coming back. They are innovative, creative and up to date with technology that can provide the best solutions installed and designed to offer world-class dependability and energy efficiency. There are various air conditioning systems and all their technicians are thoroughly trained and skilled in most effective repair techniques.

#30 Delta Air Sytems

This is a blog about Delta Air Sytems which is a company that has been there since 1950’s and their mission is to improve the quality of both businesses and home environment. Their approach to solving various problems and provide quality service is to listen to concerns and requests of clients and then develop cost effective and practical solutions. It is a fully licensed mechanical contractor that offers various services which include commercial heating and cooling, residential geothermal and commercial applications, residential indoor air quality, geo thermal systems, duct design and air balancing, electrical and plumbing and residential heating, cooling, and natural gas.

#31 Air Repair Pros

The idea of this blog is to provide the customers with affordable, energy efficient systems and help them live comfortably. They provide excellent heating and air conditioning services to residential and commercial clients living around North Dallas. Air repair pros offers services ranging from single installation to sales, maintenance, repair and any other kind o heating or air conditioning service.

#32 Correy Baker and Air Company

It is a blog that provides ideas to commercial and residential customers who are looking for professional cooling and heating services. This blog is about Correy Baker and Air Company which has more than 25 years of experience in installation, repair and maintenance services at an affordable price. They guarantee high quality, speedy and friendly response to any kind of cooling or heating emergency that clients might be having.

#33 Samm’s Heating and Air Conditioning

It is a blog of a company founded in 2005 and some of the reasons you should consider choosing this company is because they offer 24/7 service including holidays, reminder calls, don’t have overtime charges or diagnostic fee for residential repairs, lifetime warranty on their workmanship and much more. It is a certified company with professional technicians who offer quality services and are innovative.

#34 All Seasons Comfort Control Company

This blog is about All Seasons Comfort Control Company which was founded in 2002 and their mission is to attend to the needs of clients by providing quality products and services. All Seasons Comfort Control Company provides friendly service, fair pricing, honest answer and quality workmanship. Some of the services being offered include plumbing, gas fireplace service and air conditioning service.

#35 Coventry and Gattis air conditioning Company

This is a blog about Coventry and Gattis air conditioning Company and their mission is to provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction and attract more customers. They are also involved in building and designing quality AC systems and treat their clients with respect.

#36 Republic Air care

It is a blog about Republic Air care which is a company that has been there for more than 20 years and has experience in HVAC industry. This has made it possible for the company to provide excellent heating and A/C repair service to cities that surround Phoenix, AZ. They usually provide a wide range of services such as air conditioner repair, installation and service and other services like furnace repair and heating.

#37 Schaal Heating and Cooling

It is a blog about Schaal heating and cooling and some of the guarantees they offer include price guarantee, comfort assurance guarantee, clean house guarantee, no paperwork promise, safe home guarantee, client courtesy guarantee and lemmon warranty. The good thing is that they have trained technicians who are skilled and experienced I providing excellent work.

#38 Keith Air Conditioning

This blog is about a company known as Keith Air Conditioning and it was founded in 1964 with an objective of providing the best air conditioning service. Some of the services they offer include air conditioning repair, maintenance and service on any model, installation and designing of commercial and residential HVAC systems among others.

#39 Agair

This blog provides various ways people can be able to have a HVAC care and a quality home air conditioning. The AG heating and air conditioning has been serving people around Southern California since 1989. This company offers various services which include air conditioning, improving your heating system etc.

#40 Norris Air inc.

It is a blog about how various HVAC professionals can be able to provide services such as residential installation, free in home estimates, replacement service after the sale, commercial installation, emergency service at reasonable rates, commercial maintenance contracts, equipment replacement and retrofit and other quality services. The employees are well trained and up to date with latest air conditioning and heating products and they are committed to meeting the needs of your comfort.

#41 Artic Sun Heating and Air Conditioning

This blog is about a company called Artic Sun Heating and Air Conditioning which was founded in 2000. The core values of this company include always provide practical suggestions and advise, consistently strive for technical excellence, utilize latest technology, provide flexible payment options, practice a steady commitment to safety and show a dedication to better service. They provide durable, reliable and energy efficient services that can help you live comfortably.

#42 Accu-Air Air conditioning and heating

Accu-Air Air conditioning and heating is a licensed air conditioning, refrigeration and heating company that has been in business since 1999. They offer instant services and have specialized in A/C repair, heating and installation for residential customers. Some of the equipments involved include air handler, air purifier, evaporator coil, condensing unit, heat pump, thermostats, furnace, Lennox and zone controls .

#43 Riteway Service

Riteway Service is a company that was founded in 1993 and provides quality heating and air conditioning services in the area around San Antonio. They usually create a good relationship with their clients by offering quality services and fair pricing. Their aim is to ensure you pay less on your cooling and heating bills every month because they will provide quality energy efficient equipment.

#44 Air Tech of Central Florida

This is one of the most vital blog as it helps you to understand how important it is to have an air conditioner in your home. It goes further and describes how you should always look for the highest quality of service from trained, skilled and respectful companies. Some of the services being offered by this company include heating installation and maintenance, air conditioning, air filtration systems, residential and commercial cooling and heating repairs, residential and commercial plumbing services, commercial refrigeration maintenance and repair and general handyman services.

#45 Airrific Air Conditioning and heating

It is a blog about a company known as Airrific Air Conditioning and heating and it has been serving Manatee and Sarasota countries for more than 25 years. When choosing a company that can provide heating or AC services because your unit needs to be repaired or replaced, you should choose a company that has long-standing reputation for quality and excellence.

#46 Raul E Mena Inc.

The main mission of this blog is to provide reliable, efficient and cost effective air conditioning, heating as well as indoor quality products. It is always important to find a company that has the required skilled professionals that can get the job done right.

#47 HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service

This blog is about a company that offers ventilation, heating, air conditioning maintenance, repair and installation. It is always crucial to find trained professionals who use the finest equipment and materials to provide personalized service at affordable service rates.

#48 Lenz Heating and Cooling company

Lenz Heating and Cooling company has top quality professionals with unmatched customer service. Whenever one is looking for a good air conditioning and heating company select one that offers quality and affordable HVAC services, superior customer service as well as affordable 24 hour emergency service.

#49 Tokay Heating and Air Conditioning

This blog is about Tokay Heating and Air Conditioning company that was founded in 1989. This company has well trained, skilled and experienced professionals that can provide quality work. The blog aims at encouraging smart energy choices and managing energy costs so that the comfort and value of our businesses and homes can be improved.

How to Become an HVAC Technician

HVAC means heating, ventilation and air conditioning and their work is typically to make sure air conditioning, ventilation and heating units are functioning well at all times because damages and breakdowns can happen overtime. Before you become a fully pledged technician there are some things you need to meet e.g. having certain skills, training and certification. Education-wise, you should only pass your high school exam and hold passing grades in subjects like mathematics, physics and chemistry. You also need to understand how the system works and the different paths you might want to take and their different parts. When it comes to character, you should be willing to work under uncomfortable and extreme conditions because this is where you are more likely to face in future. There are many questions you might be asking yourself such as what HVAC technicians do? What is their work environment? How to become HVAC technician? What is the expected salary? What are the training programs and certifications required? What is their job outlook? Etc. All the above and much more questions will be answered in this article.

What HVAC Technicians do?

HVAC technicians usually provide various services, such as repairing, installing and maintaining of schools, industries, hospitals, residential homes and office buildings cooling and heating systems. However, they are required to complete training and certification before being permitted to work on their own. HVAC technicians work in cramped spaces and in different conditions, both indoor and outdoor, it all depends on the time of the year. It’s not uncommon to find HVAC technicians working overtime in peak period during summer and winter or even to answer emergency calls. HVAC technician are required to be 18 years and above, have a high school diploma or equivalent, to have completed 3 to 5 years of apprenticeship, have a valid driver’s license, pass a substance abuse test and pass a basic mathematics test. Their worksites normally varies, it can either be very cold or very hot because the cooling and heating systems they should repair might be broken.

  • Understand how to read blue prints and wiring diagrams
  • Know how to establish the energy usage of HVAC system
  • Make sure systems are working within regular operating parameters
  • Install thermostats, humidistats and humidifiers
  • Install new heat pumps, duct work, furnace systems and air conditioners
  • Make suggestions for energy efficient advancements
  • Carry out testing and troubleshooting to determine the repairs needed
  • Conduct and inspect regular maintenance of systems
  • Connect systems to air ducts, electric, gas, water supplies, and other components
  • Set up electrical wiring for HVAC systems
  • Recharge cooling systems
  • Repair or replace defective, worn or broken duct work
  • Repair ice makers and refrigeration
  • Repair or replace defective, worn or broken parts and components
  • Travel to residential and commercial worksites

The air conditioning and heating systems usually control the humidity, temperature and general quality of air in businesses, homes among other buildings. HVAC technicians can work on refrigeration systems, which help in the storage and transportation of medicine, food, and other unpreserved products. They are trained to install, repair and maintain air conditioning, refrigeration and heating systems but many only work on repair, installation and maintenance. Other technicians might specialize in some specific aspects, like testing and balancing, radiant heating systems, commercial refrigeration and solar panels.

HVAC technicians must always follow government laws and regulations concerning recycling, recovery and conservation of refrigerants. Some of the regulations might include those regarding proper handling and disposal of pressurized gases and fluids. There are various tools that HVAC technicians use and some of them include acetylene torches, combustion analyzers, carbon monoxide testers and voltmeters to test and install system components.

Work Environment of HVAC Technicians

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US, in the year 2014 there were about 292,000 HVAC technician’s jobs. There were about 63% HVAC technicians in air conditioning, heating and plumbing contractors industry. It was also confirmed that there were approximately 1 in 10 who were self-employed in the year 2014. Some of the medical facilities that can employ HVAC technicians include factories, homes, hospitals, schools, office buildings and stores. At the beginning of each day, some technicians can be assigned to work at particular jobsites. Others might be assigned to make service calls or travel to different locations. Even though most HVAC technicians work indoors, there are some who might be required to work on outdoor heat exchangers. They often work in cramped or uncomfortable spaces; some might work in uncomfortable buildings where heating and air conditioning systems aren’t working well.

Illnesses and Injuries

HVAC technician has higher rates of illnesses and injuries and some of the potential risks include muscle strains, injuries from handling heavy machines or equipments, electrical shocks and burns. It is therefore important that they have proper safety equipment when handling refrigerants, as they are dangerous and contact can cause frostbite, skin damage, or even blindness. It can also be risky for those technicians who work in tight space because they might inhale refrigerants. Additional care is required when handling refrigerants because some of them are highly flammable.

Work Schedule

Many HVAC technicians work fulltime, with occasional weekend and evening shifts. During peak cooling and heating seasons, HVAC technicians frequently work irregular hours or overtime. Most of them are employed by construction contractors but approximately 1 in 10 is self-employed worker who are free to set their own schedules. Technicians who normally service air conditioning, refrigeration and heating equipment have constant employment throughout the year, mainly because there is an increase in the number of contractors and manufactures requiring or providing year-round contracts.

How to Become a HVAC Technician

HVAC systems have become more complex and employers typically prefer candidates who have completed apprenticeship or those with postsecondary education. There are some localities or states that might require HVAC technicians to be licensed or certified. You should also pass background check because some employers might prefer applicants who have passed it.


Many technicians receive postsecondary instructions from community colleges or trade and technical schools that offer programs in air conditioning, ventilation and heating. The programs offered may usually lasts between 6 months to about 2 years and might lead to associate’s degree or a certificate. To lower the costs of programs, many schools normally combine in-class lab work and online lectures.

Important Qualities

It can be exciting to jump into a new career especially if you find a job you enjoy and a company that interests you. It is therefore important to be prepared and ready for the career you choose for you to get the most out of it and be more skilled. The field of air conditioning, heating and ventilation is growing at a higher rate and more than 8,000 HVAC technician jobs are created around the nation every year. For HVAC technicians to perform their jobs effectively they should equip themselves with several important skills. When HVAC technicians take certification programs they usually incorporate some important skills into their curriculum, some of them include:

  • Customer-Service Skills: Many technicians usually work directly with property owners who call in a concern. It is of much importance to have excellent customer-service skills so that you can confidently and freely interact with building superintendents, home owners and property managers.
  • Mechanical skills: Though these skills can be learned in training, technicians need to be comfortable when working with mechanical systems. This skill is important because sometimes HVAC technicians will be required to repair, assemble, program and dissemble HVAC systems.  
  • Time-management skills: Another important skill is being organized and able to effectively manage a schedule. Some technicians receive or make multiple calls a day and it is required that they effectively complete every task for them to move on to other calls without delay.     

Salary of HVAC Technicians

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for nursing assistants in May 2015 was $45,110. The median salary can be defined as the wage where half workers in a given occupation earned less than that amount and half earned more. The highest ten percent got paid more than $71,690 and lowest ten percent got paid less than $27,790. The estimated earning for learners is half of the salary paid to experienced workers. As the HVAC technician learns to perform more, his/her salary will increase. The table below shows the median annual salary of HVAC technicians in May 2015:

Occupation Median Annual Salary
Air conditioning, heating,  and refrigeration mechanics and installers $45,110
Installation, repair  and maintenance careers $45,790
Total, all occupations $36,200

Training Program of HVAC Technicians

For you to become a HVAC technician you need to earn a GED or high school diploma and passing shop-classes, science and math will be a great start. It is not necessary to learn how to use power tools or even computer training, but these things will make it easier for you to train. You should also complete trade/technical training or look for a formal apprentice training. Apprenticeship can be defined as a paid training program that normally lasts for 3 to 5 years; it is a great opportunity to earn money while learning. Even though apprentice programs are offered almost everywhere there is still a rising demand for technicians that have certificate from either a trade or technical school. It takes a couple of months or can take over a year for one to complete this training. Other training schools might also require you to be proficient in mechanic drawing, blueprint reading and mechanics. Being trained and having a certificate is the best way of separating yourself from others and it will make it easier for you to get a job. The main phases that a person should undergo for them to become a full-pledged technicians include:

  • The first phase is attending a technical or vocational school where you will be required to learn through a formal classroom setting of the theories and basics of HVAC repairs among other services. It takes time for you to be deemed knowledgeable in vocational courses. HVAC lessons can last several months or can take years and it all depends on the curriculum.
  • Another method is by becoming an apprentice of a certified HVAC technician. Though it isn’t as formal as a training program is but it allows you to get hold of the HVAC services basics quickly and also apply them in real life settings. In addition, apprentices are normally earns at a discount rate and this implies that they get paid while they are still perfecting their skills.

Some technicians usually are trained their trade entirely on the job, this case is now becoming rare. HVAC technicians who are trained on the job normally assist qualified technicians to perform basic tasks, like cleaning furnaces or insulating refrigerant lines. After learning some simple tasks they can move on to a more complex task, such as checking electrical circuits and soldering or cutting pipes. There are also different HVAC specializations a person can learn while training and this is mainly because there are different types of HVAC that should be handled differently. This means that when training you are given various HVAC units or services to choose from and specialize in when you become a licensed technician.

Certification of HVAC Technicians

It is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the US that all HVAC technicians who handle work or buy refrigerants to be certified or licensed in proper handling of refrigerant. For technicians to be certified they must pass a written exam to one of the four certifications; certification type I, certification type II, certification type III and universal certification. There are many unions, employer associations and schools that offer training programs that can prepare learners for EPA exams. It is recommended that HVAC technicians to take different tests so as to measure their abilities. There are different levels of experience that are required; those who have a relevant coursework of 2 years or less of experience might take the entry-level certification exam. The exam can be taken at trade or technical school and what one will study might include light commercial cooling and heating, commercial refrigeration and residential heating and cooling.

Some states might not allow you to perform HVAC work until you pass a state exam and then acquire an HVAC license; other states might not require you to become licensed at all. The EPA section eight certification or HVAC certification is a requirement that every HVAC technician should hold for them to be able to provide their services. The main reason for this is that the Environmental Protection Agency requires one to completely be knowledgeable and skilled of working and opening with a refrigerant container without exposing it to the environment. People performing HVAC work that involves refrigerant are recommended to gain an EPA certification by passing written exams. But, getting an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification typically depends on the type of HVAC work you want to perform. Because of the potentially risky nature of the occupation, only HVAC technicians who are fully licensed can be allowed to work on different types of HVAC systems. There are various certification levels an individual should pass for him/her to be liable to provide services. Some of the certification you need include:

  • Certification Type I: It is granted to HVAC technicians capable of servicing small machines or appliances such as domestic refrigerators, vending machines and air conditioning.
  • Certification Type II: It is granted to HVAC technicians skilled in disposing and servicing of tools with elevated pressure refrigerants like heat pumps, conditioners and industrial and supermarket refrigeration.
  • Certification Type III: It is granted to HVAC technicians capable of handling low pressure refrigerants such as chillers.
  • Universal Certification: It is granted to every technician who has the ability to service and deal with different HVAC refrigerants, units and systems.

HVAC Technicians Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the US stated found out that the expected job opportunity for HVAC technicians from the year 2014 to 2024 was 14%; this is faster than the average for all occupations. Residential and commercial building structures will lead to increase in employment of HVAC technicians. It is also projected that there will be an increase in the number of sophisticated climate-control systems and this will lead to an increase in demand for experienced technicians. HVAC technicians typically replace and repair heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Climate-control systems should be replaced after every 10-15 years. Another thing that is projected to increase the demand for HVAC technicians is the growing emphasis on pollution reduction and energy efficiency because climate-control systems are replaced, retrofitted and upgraded completely. Additionally, policies that prohibit the production and discharge of older kinds of refrigerants might bring about the need to replace of modify many air conditioning systems that exist.

Occupation Duties And Responsibilities Education/Entry Level Median Pay In The Year 2015
Solar Photovoltaic Installers Solar photovoltaic installers, who are also called PV installers usually install, maintain and assemble solar panel systems on top of roofs or other buildings. High school diploma or equivalent $37,830
Sheet Metal Workers Sheet metal workers install or fabricate items made from thin metal sheets, like ducts used in air conditioning and heating systems. High school diploma or equivalent $45,750
Plumbers, Steamfitters and Pipefitters Plumbers, steamfitters and pipefitters repair and install pipes that normally carry gases or liquids from, within and to homes, factories and businesses. High school diploma or equivalent $50,620
Electricians Electricians maintain, repair and install lighting, communications, electrical power and control systems in factories, businesses and homes. High school diploma or equivalent $51,880
Boilermakers They usually install, repair and assemble closed vats, boilers, and other large containers or vessels that hold gases and liquids. High school diploma or equivalent $60,120