How to Become a Journalist – Journalism Degrees & Careers

The fact on which the majority of the readers might agree is that many people among the ones they know, or maybe even themselves, have at least once dreamed of or even seriously considered becoming a journalist as their potential future career. Where the root of that phenomenon might lie and where is it to be sought by all the ones interested in the process of picking one’s career? There is a huge variety of answers to that question. One of them might be the fact that people tend to have a desire or a passion, to gather and be up to date with a broad range of information that is piling over our heads, especially in the recent few years and due to the new technologies and the technology development in general.

Journalism – an Admirable Vocation

Therefore, if all the reasons listed in the paragraph above did not manage to persuade you in the fact that journalism might be one of the most popular job positions and one of the most desirable and admirable careers, the aim of this article may be to try to talk you into changing your opinion towards journalism and appreciate it more. That will be done through bringing up interesting facts about the profession and also creating a guide on how to start up and develop an utterly successful career as a journalist. On the other hand, let us not forget the ones who see the vocation this article is about as one of the most challenging, compelling, interesting and fruitful among all the ones out there, even regardless of all the facts that were listed in the paragraph above. If some of these people have ever considered taking up journalism as their true profession, this article will help them set up their business, develop a successful career, and enjoy their work, of course.

Journalism – Versatile Vocation

It is a mistake to think journalists only pop up at the places where interesting events are taking place or that they only do interviews of famous people, just to be given a chance to at least take a peek into the glamorous life that celebrities lead. Such statements should be nothing but false since they are founded on implausible arguments that can easily be disproved by bringing up some grounded facts and compelling evidence on how versatile journalism is.

To sum up, journalists in can:

  • make interviews
  • gather the information
  • write articles, reports, columns and news.
  • work on the television/the radio

What Do the Journalists in the Press Do?

The first difference is between the journalists who work for the press, in other words, those who write articles or the other types of textual content for various magazines. When it comes to such people, it is crucial to mention that they are not only expected to be witty, exceptionally informed and to be creative writers, but also to be quite communicative, to know how to approach people in order to get the information they need. In addition to all of that, the journalists who write for newspapers are also supposed to develop a great collaboration with photographers, since an article would appear totally unattractive and dull if it were not accompanied by any photos. The contemporary world somehow depends on the pictures, images and visual material and content in general. We live in a culture in which everything tends to be speeding up, our lives as well as the flow of the information we are floated with each day. Therefore, journalists might have the most complex task of staying up to date with all that content, bringing it up to the audience and the readers, and also collaborating with the suitable photographers whose photos will breathe life and fresh energy into their articles and text content. Since articles were mentioned a few times, it would be good to stress that they are not the only type and form of textual content that journalists write.

What Do the Journalist on the Television Do?

Although the previous paragraph was mostly focused on the journalists who write various types of textual content, this article by no means tends to neglect or exclude the journalists who work for the television and their contribution to journalism as a vocation. Those who work for the television, or those who used to work on the radio in previous times, which now seems to be quite outdated, are a crucial part of the profession itself. At the beginning, it is important to stress that communication skills are crucial for ones who work on television. As a phenomenon known as writer’s block may occur to the journalists who write for newspapers, the ones who work on the television may almost never let themselves get tongue-tied, especially when they need to go live. That is what makes the journalism on television even more stressful than the one resorted to writing for newspapers or magazines. The journalists who work on television should develop their communication skills up to a level much higher than it is expected for their colleagues who work as writers.

Extreme working conditions

The other explanation of the phenomenon of why numerous people imagine themselves as journalists and see journalism as their dream career might lie in the fact that this profession often tends to be referred to as a profession that is extremely related to adventure, challenges, or even excitement. One cannot disprove such a statement because such a statement may be grounded by the fact that journalists are actually the ones who are expected to be present at the very spot of an important event, and usually when the situation is heating up and reaching its climax. A great number of journalists throughout the history were sent to the very theatres of war, where they worked side by side with the soldiers, sharing and bearing their brunt as well, giving reports and news about the events from the most dangerous places and venues one can only imagine. Even many household names of modern literature have faced such a destiny of a war theatre journalist, such as famous and world renowned writer and journalist from the twentieth century, George Orwell, the author of a compelling and disturbing novel called ‘’1984”.

Work Environment

In order not to be repetitive, this part will be slightly shorter, since some facts about possible working environments of journalists have already been mentioned above. The most extreme examples would be the ones of the journalists who appear as reporters at the venues where war is outraging. A slightly less extreme example of possible work environments would be bringing up the news from the venues where various citizen riots or protests take place. Working in such environments appears risky and unsettling. Therefore, journalists need to be prepared for any unexpected circumstances and to know how to maintain their mental balance. Nonetheless, it is well known that not all of us are capable of taking up such risks and facing such dangerous situations in order to basically do our job. Therefore, many journalists who might be less adventurous but equally passionate about their job, resort to working in an office together with their colleagues or even take their work home. Taking their work home is mostly popular among the freelance journalists, who are definitely numerous since freelancing, in general, is gaining popularity. Working in an office and being surrounded by their colleagues is beneficial for journalists since they are supposed to cooperate among themselves as well as with photographers.

How to Become a Journalist

As it has been previously said, journalism is by no means a piece of cake, but a complex working position with a whole load of requirements. Therefore, simply being passionate about this vocation and imagining yourself casually walking around in a trench coat with a cigarette in the corner of your lips and a questioning look while you are in search of the answers to your questions will not be enough to become a real journalist. To obtain a successful career in this profession, first of all, one needs to be quite skillful, well informed about various facts and to always be up to date with the upcoming events and current movements in their local community as well as in their country and the world as a whole.

  • First Tip – Hone Your Skills!

Sometimes, especially if a person has just set out to start their career as a journalist, they will be supposed to appear as a jack-of-all-trades. A similar situation may occur to the ones who work as professional interpreters – they will be expected to be informed about the fields they by no means have experience in, to be familiar with the terminology of such areas of human knowledge and to be able to translate such terms. The same situation might occur to journalists, especially the young ones – they will be asked to write or talk about the topics they are not quite familiar with, the topics that exceed their field of expertise. Therefore, a successful journalist should always be eager to broaden his or her knowledge and get the information from various areas.

  • Get Well-Educated

Nevertheless, being eager to hone your skills and broaden your knowledge would be far from enough if you were headed to a successful career as a journalist. To obtain all the communication and language skills that are required, such as pronunciation, orthography, learning how to interview people etc., one needs to pass a process of serious education that should be followed by practical training afterwards, similar as in most of the professions people engage in.

  • Pick the Right Educational Program

Most of the universities in various states have departments of journalism among the ones to choose from in their curriculum. Journalism is usually related to such universities that are mostly dedicated to human studies or politics. If one has decided to take up journalism as their profession, one might pick up a suitable department at a certain university that has it on its list of departments. Nonetheless, some people decide to resort to journalism despite not having finished a university program or any educational program in that field. Most of them become independent journalists that work for independent newspapers or choose freelancing as the most suitable job option for them.

  • Resort to Informal Education

Regardless of this fact and the possibility to become a journalist even if your did not have much contact with the field, many young people are keen on getting a university diploma, and some of them choose to get theirs in journalism. Thus, the significance of the university programs that enable one to specialize in this field should by no means be underestimated. It is also important to mention that there actually is a slight difference between the journalists who have undergone a university program and those who have not. This is applied especially to the ones who desire to work on the television, since university programs tend to provide them with lectures in pronunciation and public speech, which will be the essential skills in their future career.

  • Consider Postgraduate Studies

If one decides to attend a university and apply for the studies in journalism, one should pick the right university that is suitable as well as affordable for them and get their diploma. After getting a bachelor degree in journalism, there is still a slightly long way to go before becoming a highly educated journalist. Therefore, after having successfully completed ones’ bachelor studies, one should consider applying for the right program of masters in journalism. There is a number of possibilities when it comes to this, and there is a list of recommended programs as well. This article will bring some of them up in order to assist future proficient and highly educated journalists in making the right choice.


Bachelor Studies

The same as it works for other professions, journalists of any type (because there are a few, which will be listed later on in the article) must undergo an educational process and take up a certain program that is suitable for the job position they desire and that will provide them with skills required for that position. If a future journalist wishes to work for the newspapers that are considered the household names, such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, or some magazines related to popular science such as National Geography, such people will need to get a bachelor’s degree in journalism from a university accredited by their state. Since journalism is related to areas of expertise such as philology, literature and politics, those are the profiles of the university departments that a person who desires to become a journalist should apply for.

Practical Work

Besides having broad theoretical knowledge about journalism as a vocation, one should by no means neglect honing one’s practical skills while preparing to start a career in this field. In order to become a successful journalist, all the bachelor students ought to work hard on perfecting their practical skills through working in certain publishing houses or offices, writing for magazines that are not so famous or students’ magazines in order to get the feeling of what it is like to be a journalist and what it takes to build a career in that field. When it comes to the journalists who work on the television, they ought to become self-convinced in order to prevent the obstacles such as getting tongue-tied from happening.

Master Studies

On the other hand, after one has successfully finished one’s bachelor studies and got out of the university with a bachelor’s degree, one has by no means get to the end of the path that leads to a fruitful career in journalism. There is still a long way to go, and the next step on that way should be applying for the right master’s program in journalism. Some suggestions of the best options will be listed in this article. Many of the best world’s masters journalists’ programs are available at the universities in the United States.

Here is the list:

  • The University of Southern California
  • Berkley University
  • The University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • The University of Pennsylvania
  • State University

The list was formed according to the research conducted under the name QS World University Rankings by Subject 2016. Among this admirably wide range of opportunities, all the postgraduate students of journalism could definitely choose the one suitable for them.

Informal Education

Except for taking up a university program in journalism, which is a part of the formal education, one can also resort to attending a particular school in journalism, which is available in London, for example, or one could also decide to take up an online course, which is labeled as informal education.

Certification and Degree

Having conducted a thorough research on journalism as a job opportunity and on whether it is a sound investment of one’s money, strength and hard work or not, it is easy to conclude that the majority of the clients who employ journalists, such as the ones who work for the most famous and renowned publishing and newspaper houses, consider at least a bachelor’s degree as a must when it comes to employing a journalist. A bachelor’s degree is widely considered as the main requirement for journalists on various positions, such as reporters, editors and copy editors as well as new media journalists and photojournalists. Therefore, it is important to stress that if one desires to work for a serious and widely renowned newspaper house, one must pass a university program successfully, or in other words, a program in formal education. On the contrary, if a person perceives journalism as their additional job, simply completing a certain online course in journalism would be sufficient. The same applies to the ones who work as freelance journalists.

If a bachelor’s degree is considered a must when it comes to applying for a job position in a serious and affirmed house, master’s degree would only be a plus in the same case.


There is a research that has been conducted by the website on the job outlook for the job position of a journalist. The results present the avaerage annual salary for different types of journalist.

Here is the list:

  • Editors and Copy Editors – $64,910
  • Reporters – $46,650
  • New Media Journalists – $46,560
  • Photojournalists – $40,280.

A remarkable and interesting fact is that, as it appears, editors and copy editors tend to earn way higher salaries than their colleagues do.

Job Outlook

When it comes to ob outlook, one can decide on one’s particular position as a journalist according to one’s preferences, since journalism is a profession that offers a variety of positions. For example, one can decide to become a reporter if one is keen on preparing articles and gathering news for newspapers, magazines, radio or television. If that is not your cup of tea, there are many more opportunities. If you are passionate and well-informed about culture and topical events, you may work as a columnist. If this does not reach your expectations, there is a possibility to work as an editor or a copy editor or you can choose to work as a photojournalist if you wish to combine journalism with photography. Besides, you can also resort to working as a freelancer, for example, on some of the many online platforms or websites.

To sum up, here are the most common working positions for journalists:

  • Reporter
  • Editor/Copy Editor
  • New Media Journalist
  • Columnist
  • Photojournalist

Similar Occupations

It has already been mentioned that there is a range of vocations similar to journalism. The first ones that come to mind are the ones dedicated to language and literature, such as the professions of a writer, interpreter or a translator. Besides, journalism is extremely connected to photography. Therefore, journalists should grasp every chance to cooperate with the ones who work in the fields listed, as that would be beneficial for both sides.

Top 50 HVAC Blogs 2016

There are a number of things that you should consider when it comes to ranking blogs. For instance, the Alexa online visiting rating usually monitors each activity of different blogs found on social media and they also determine the importance of the individual blog post. Some of the common attributes that are used in ranking the blogs include:

  • Visibility: This is where the visibility of a blog is compared to other blogs that are in the same group.
  • Relevance: It is evidence that your blog uses words of it corpus in every blog you post.
  • Engagement: You blog should always have new articles, comments and regular activity.
  • SEO optimization: Your blog should contain certain keywords that doesn’t clutter the content or cause any confusion.
  • General ranking: This is a combination of the scores of the attributes described above.

Air conditioning is an important factor in one’s life as it can help them live a happy and comfortable life. Below are the top 50 air conditioning blogs:

#1 Tado

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#2 Energy VanGuard

The mission of this blog is to turn homes into high performance houses by helping their customers succeed, teaching homeowners and professionals about building science, designing high performance heating and air conditioning systems and helping government agencies, manufacturers and other businesses succeed. Their customers include trade contractors, homeowners, building performance institute (BPI) building analysts, home builders, governmental bodies and manufacturers. The main focus of Energy Vanguard is to provide services such as designing, consulting and training.

#3  All System Mechanical

This is a blog about All Systems Mechanical (ASM) which is a small heating and air conditioning repair and Installation Company and its main mission is to train and hire US experts who have skills in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning installation and repair. They guarantee 100% satisfaction and free emergency services on all installations and if their clients aren’t happy they will continue offering their free services until clients are satisfied.

#4 Masssave

This blog is about an energy efficiency service provider which is sponsored by the natural gas and electric utilities of Massachusetts. The main mission of Massive Save Energy Saving Programs is to help businesses and residents manage use of energy and other related costs by providing various energy efficiency services. The blog aims at encouraging smart energy choices and managing energy costs so that the comfort and value of our businesses and homes can be enhanced.

#5 Service Experts

This blog offers heating and air conditioning services as well as AC installation, repair and maintenance to several cities. Their mission is to help homeowners and other clients relax and stay in a comfortable environment. Service experts guarantee 100% satisfaction and aim at providing quality air conditioning services by selling, installing and repairing more air conditioning than any other AC repair and HVAC service company.

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#7 One Hour Heat and Air

This is a member of the Direct Energy Group of companies and they provide heating and air conditioning services. The good thing is that they have heating and air technicians who are skilled, trained and experienced.

#8 Davis AC

The Davis Air Conditioning and heating blog provides Houston businesses and homeowners with exceptional home heating and air conditioning services. It has been providing the services since 1971 and employs over 50 support staff and technicians and also dispatches 30 service tracks. They offer immediate services and ensure that they are up to date with technology.

#9 John C. Flood

John C. Flood has over 100 years of experience and provides excellent installation, repair and other services for electrical, water heaters, plumbing, standby generators, heating and air conditioning, sump pumps and bath remodeling. Their goal is to ensure that homeowners and other clients are comfortable living in their environment, day or night. John C. Flood is based in Alexandria-VA but provides their services to Washington-DC, Fairfax-VA, Arlington-VA, Gaithersburg, MD, Silver Spring-MD and more.

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#12 Maytag

This is another blog that offers better air conditioners and other products that is cheap and affordable. You can cut down on cooling costs by choosing their air conditioner which is the ultimate energy saver. They offer a 12 year reliability promise as well as an entire comfort 12 year all parts warranty.

#13 Howard Air

The first priority of Howard air is to take care of their customers and listening to their requests and concerns. They use those requests and concerns to suggest the best options that can meet the needs and expectations of customers. The company provides quality work in new construction, sales, residential, indoor air quality, service, commercial and any other application.

#14 R&R heating and air conditioning

R&R heating and air conditioning has been there since 1985 and it provides industrial, commercial and residential heating and cooling solutions that range from replacement to repair. From preventive maintenance programs to mechanical system construction and design, they also offer 24-hour emergency repair for any type of brand.

#15 Conduct Air Conditioning

Conduct Air Conditioning is a company around Sydney that usually takes customer service seriously and offer free service with every installation. This company normally contacts you whenever your air conditioning system needs filter replacement or servicing. This company offers   various major brands like LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Daikin, Mitsubishi electric and Actron. They also provide maintenance on any system and air conditioning servicing.

#16 Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning

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#17 Tuckey

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#18 ACI Northwest

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#19 Beyer boys

Beyer boys is a commercial and residential plumbing and HVAC company that was started in 1990 by two men. Now, it has grown and has over 100 employees who offer straight talk, committed service, fair pricing, fair treatment and focus on providing quality services.

#20 Shavitz

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#21 Roadrunner Air Conditioning

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#22 Frosty’s Air Conditioning

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#23 Service First Air Conditioning and Heating 

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#24 Advent air conditioning

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#26 AC guys cooling and Air Conditioning Company

It is a blog about AC guys cooling and Air Conditioning Company that provides air conditioner installation, air conditioner repair, new air conditioners, and other air conditioning services. Some of the cities they provide such services include Winter Garden, Lake, Orange, Orlando, Sumter, Marion, Citrus, Osceola, Seminole, and neighboring areas in Central Florida.

#27 Westland HVAC

The idea of this blog is to provide the customers with all types of Avon air conditioning services such as maintenance, repair, replacement and installation. There are also professional technicians that can work with all types of air conditioning systems and get the job done. This blog provides guidance and advice that can help clients sort through various models and makes out there.

#28 Burgeson’s heating and air conditioning

The mission of Burgeson’s heating and air conditioning blog is to be the best contractor in HVAC industry by focusing on quality, integrity and making sure that clients are satisfied with their services. This company has been in business since 1949 and they usually provide high quality, proficient and quiet home comfort systems which are customized for the needs of your home. They have comfort advisors are experts in engineering and designing air conditioning and heating system replacements together with their additional duct work for commercial properties and residential homes.

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#30 Delta Air Sytems

This is a blog about Delta Air Sytems which is a company that has been there since 1950’s and their mission is to improve the quality of both businesses and home environment. Their approach to solving various problems and provide quality service is to listen to concerns and requests of clients and then develop cost effective and practical solutions. It is a fully licensed mechanical contractor that offers various services which include commercial heating and cooling, residential geothermal and commercial applications, residential indoor air quality, geo thermal systems, duct design and air balancing, electrical and plumbing and residential heating, cooling, and natural gas.

#31 Air Repair Pros

The idea of this blog is to provide the customers with affordable, energy efficient systems and help them live comfortably. They provide excellent heating and air conditioning services to residential and commercial clients living around North Dallas. Air repair pros offers services ranging from single installation to sales, maintenance, repair and any other kind o heating or air conditioning service.

#32 Correy Baker and Air Company

It is a blog that provides ideas to commercial and residential customers who are looking for professional cooling and heating services. This blog is about Correy Baker and Air Company which has more than 25 years of experience in installation, repair and maintenance services at an affordable price. They guarantee high quality, speedy and friendly response to any kind of cooling or heating emergency that clients might be having.

#33 Samm’s Heating and Air Conditioning

It is a blog of a company founded in 2005 and some of the reasons you should consider choosing this company is because they offer 24/7 service including holidays, reminder calls, don’t have overtime charges or diagnostic fee for residential repairs, lifetime warranty on their workmanship and much more. It is a certified company with professional technicians who offer quality services and are innovative.

#34 All Seasons Comfort Control Company

This blog is about All Seasons Comfort Control Company which was founded in 2002 and their mission is to attend to the needs of clients by providing quality products and services. All Seasons Comfort Control Company provides friendly service, fair pricing, honest answer and quality workmanship. Some of the services being offered include plumbing, gas fireplace service and air conditioning service.

#35 Coventry and Gattis air conditioning Company

This is a blog about Coventry and Gattis air conditioning Company and their mission is to provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction and attract more customers. They are also involved in building and designing quality AC systems and treat their clients with respect.

#36 Republic Air care

It is a blog about Republic Air care which is a company that has been there for more than 20 years and has experience in HVAC industry. This has made it possible for the company to provide excellent heating and A/C repair service to cities that surround Phoenix, AZ. They usually provide a wide range of services such as air conditioner repair, installation and service and other services like furnace repair and heating.

#37 Schaal Heating and Cooling

It is a blog about Schaal heating and cooling and some of the guarantees they offer include price guarantee, comfort assurance guarantee, clean house guarantee, no paperwork promise, safe home guarantee, client courtesy guarantee and lemmon warranty. The good thing is that they have trained technicians who are skilled and experienced I providing excellent work.

#38 Keith Air Conditioning

This blog is about a company known as Keith Air Conditioning and it was founded in 1964 with an objective of providing the best air conditioning service. Some of the services they offer include air conditioning repair, maintenance and service on any model, installation and designing of commercial and residential HVAC systems among others.

#39 Agair

This blog provides various ways people can be able to have a HVAC care and a quality home air conditioning. The AG heating and air conditioning has been serving people around Southern California since 1989. This company offers various services which include air conditioning, improving your heating system etc.

#40 Norris Air inc.

It is a blog about how various HVAC professionals can be able to provide services such as residential installation, free in home estimates, replacement service after the sale, commercial installation, emergency service at reasonable rates, commercial maintenance contracts, equipment replacement and retrofit and other quality services. The employees are well trained and up to date with latest air conditioning and heating products and they are committed to meeting the needs of your comfort.

#41 Artic Sun Heating and Air Conditioning

This blog is about a company called Artic Sun Heating and Air Conditioning which was founded in 2000. The core values of this company include always provide practical suggestions and advise, consistently strive for technical excellence, utilize latest technology, provide flexible payment options, practice a steady commitment to safety and show a dedication to better service. They provide durable, reliable and energy efficient services that can help you live comfortably.

#42 Accu-Air Air conditioning and heating

Accu-Air Air conditioning and heating is a licensed air conditioning, refrigeration and heating company that has been in business since 1999. They offer instant services and have specialized in A/C repair, heating and installation for residential customers. Some of the equipments involved include air handler, air purifier, evaporator coil, condensing unit, heat pump, thermostats, furnace, Lennox and zone controls .

#43 Riteway Service

Riteway Service is a company that was founded in 1993 and provides quality heating and air conditioning services in the area around San Antonio. They usually create a good relationship with their clients by offering quality services and fair pricing. Their aim is to ensure you pay less on your cooling and heating bills every month because they will provide quality energy efficient equipment.

#44 Air Tech of Central Florida

This is one of the most vital blog as it helps you to understand how important it is to have an air conditioner in your home. It goes further and describes how you should always look for the highest quality of service from trained, skilled and respectful companies. Some of the services being offered by this company include heating installation and maintenance, air conditioning, air filtration systems, residential and commercial cooling and heating repairs, residential and commercial plumbing services, commercial refrigeration maintenance and repair and general handyman services.

#45 Airrific Air Conditioning and heating

It is a blog about a company known as Airrific Air Conditioning and heating and it has been serving Manatee and Sarasota countries for more than 25 years. When choosing a company that can provide heating or AC services because your unit needs to be repaired or replaced, you should choose a company that has long-standing reputation for quality and excellence.

#46 Raul E Mena Inc.

The main mission of this blog is to provide reliable, efficient and cost effective air conditioning, heating as well as indoor quality products. It is always important to find a company that has the required skilled professionals that can get the job done right.

#47 HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service

This blog is about a company that offers ventilation, heating, air conditioning maintenance, repair and installation. It is always crucial to find trained professionals who use the finest equipment and materials to provide personalized service at affordable service rates.

#48 Lenz Heating and Cooling company

Lenz Heating and Cooling company has top quality professionals with unmatched customer service. Whenever one is looking for a good air conditioning and heating company select one that offers quality and affordable HVAC services, superior customer service as well as affordable 24 hour emergency service.

#49 Tokay Heating and Air Conditioning

This blog is about Tokay Heating and Air Conditioning company that was founded in 1989. This company has well trained, skilled and experienced professionals that can provide quality work. The blog aims at encouraging smart energy choices and managing energy costs so that the comfort and value of our businesses and homes can be improved.

How to Become an HVAC Technician

HVAC means heating, ventilation and air conditioning and their work is typically to make sure air conditioning, ventilation and heating units are functioning well at all times because damages and breakdowns can happen overtime. Before you become a fully pledged technician there are some things you need to meet e.g. having certain skills, training and certification. Education-wise, you should only pass your high school exam and hold passing grades in subjects like mathematics, physics and chemistry. You also need to understand how the system works and the different paths you might want to take and their different parts. When it comes to character, you should be willing to work under uncomfortable and extreme conditions because this is where you are more likely to face in future. There are many questions you might be asking yourself such as what HVAC technicians do? What is their work environment? How to become HVAC technician? What is the expected salary? What are the training programs and certifications required? What is their job outlook? Etc. All the above and much more questions will be answered in this article.

What HVAC Technicians do?

HVAC technicians usually provide various services, such as repairing, installing and maintaining of schools, industries, hospitals, residential homes and office buildings cooling and heating systems. However, they are required to complete training and certification before being permitted to work on their own. HVAC technicians work in cramped spaces and in different conditions, both indoor and outdoor, it all depends on the time of the year. It’s not uncommon to find HVAC technicians working overtime in peak period during summer and winter or even to answer emergency calls. HVAC technician are required to be 18 years and above, have a high school diploma or equivalent, to have completed 3 to 5 years of apprenticeship, have a valid driver’s license, pass a substance abuse test and pass a basic mathematics test. Their worksites normally varies, it can either be very cold or very hot because the cooling and heating systems they should repair might be broken.

  • Understand how to read blue prints and wiring diagrams
  • Know how to establish the energy usage of HVAC system
  • Make sure systems are working within regular operating parameters
  • Install thermostats, humidistats and humidifiers
  • Install new heat pumps, duct work, furnace systems and air conditioners
  • Make suggestions for energy efficient advancements
  • Carry out testing and troubleshooting to determine the repairs needed
  • Conduct and inspect regular maintenance of systems
  • Connect systems to air ducts, electric, gas, water supplies, and other components
  • Set up electrical wiring for HVAC systems
  • Recharge cooling systems
  • Repair or replace defective, worn or broken duct work
  • Repair ice makers and refrigeration
  • Repair or replace defective, worn or broken parts and components
  • Travel to residential and commercial worksites

The air conditioning and heating systems usually control the humidity, temperature and general quality of air in businesses, homes among other buildings. HVAC technicians can work on refrigeration systems, which help in the storage and transportation of medicine, food, and other unpreserved products. They are trained to install, repair and maintain air conditioning, refrigeration and heating systems but many only work on repair, installation and maintenance. Other technicians might specialize in some specific aspects, like testing and balancing, radiant heating systems, commercial refrigeration and solar panels.

HVAC technicians must always follow government laws and regulations concerning recycling, recovery and conservation of refrigerants. Some of the regulations might include those regarding proper handling and disposal of pressurized gases and fluids. There are various tools that HVAC technicians use and some of them include acetylene torches, combustion analyzers, carbon monoxide testers and voltmeters to test and install system components.

Work Environment of HVAC Technicians

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US, in the year 2014 there were about 292,000 HVAC technician’s jobs. There were about 63% HVAC technicians in air conditioning, heating and plumbing contractors industry. It was also confirmed that there were approximately 1 in 10 who were self-employed in the year 2014. Some of the medical facilities that can employ HVAC technicians include factories, homes, hospitals, schools, office buildings and stores. At the beginning of each day, some technicians can be assigned to work at particular jobsites. Others might be assigned to make service calls or travel to different locations. Even though most HVAC technicians work indoors, there are some who might be required to work on outdoor heat exchangers. They often work in cramped or uncomfortable spaces; some might work in uncomfortable buildings where heating and air conditioning systems aren’t working well.

Illnesses and Injuries

HVAC technician has higher rates of illnesses and injuries and some of the potential risks include muscle strains, injuries from handling heavy machines or equipments, electrical shocks and burns. It is therefore important that they have proper safety equipment when handling refrigerants, as they are dangerous and contact can cause frostbite, skin damage, or even blindness. It can also be risky for those technicians who work in tight space because they might inhale refrigerants. Additional care is required when handling refrigerants because some of them are highly flammable.

Work Schedule

Many HVAC technicians work fulltime, with occasional weekend and evening shifts. During peak cooling and heating seasons, HVAC technicians frequently work irregular hours or overtime. Most of them are employed by construction contractors but approximately 1 in 10 is self-employed worker who are free to set their own schedules. Technicians who normally service air conditioning, refrigeration and heating equipment have constant employment throughout the year, mainly because there is an increase in the number of contractors and manufactures requiring or providing year-round contracts.

How to Become a HVAC Technician

HVAC systems have become more complex and employers typically prefer candidates who have completed apprenticeship or those with postsecondary education. There are some localities or states that might require HVAC technicians to be licensed or certified. You should also pass background check because some employers might prefer applicants who have passed it.


Many technicians receive postsecondary instructions from community colleges or trade and technical schools that offer programs in air conditioning, ventilation and heating. The programs offered may usually lasts between 6 months to about 2 years and might lead to associate’s degree or a certificate. To lower the costs of programs, many schools normally combine in-class lab work and online lectures.

Important Qualities

It can be exciting to jump into a new career especially if you find a job you enjoy and a company that interests you. It is therefore important to be prepared and ready for the career you choose for you to get the most out of it and be more skilled. The field of air conditioning, heating and ventilation is growing at a higher rate and more than 8,000 HVAC technician jobs are created around the nation every year. For HVAC technicians to perform their jobs effectively they should equip themselves with several important skills. When HVAC technicians take certification programs they usually incorporate some important skills into their curriculum, some of them include:

  • Customer-Service Skills: Many technicians usually work directly with property owners who call in a concern. It is of much importance to have excellent customer-service skills so that you can confidently and freely interact with building superintendents, home owners and property managers.
  • Mechanical skills: Though these skills can be learned in training, technicians need to be comfortable when working with mechanical systems. This skill is important because sometimes HVAC technicians will be required to repair, assemble, program and dissemble HVAC systems.  
  • Time-management skills: Another important skill is being organized and able to effectively manage a schedule. Some technicians receive or make multiple calls a day and it is required that they effectively complete every task for them to move on to other calls without delay.     

Salary of HVAC Technicians

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for nursing assistants in May 2015 was $45,110. The median salary can be defined as the wage where half workers in a given occupation earned less than that amount and half earned more. The highest ten percent got paid more than $71,690 and lowest ten percent got paid less than $27,790. The estimated earning for learners is half of the salary paid to experienced workers. As the HVAC technician learns to perform more, his/her salary will increase. The table below shows the median annual salary of HVAC technicians in May 2015:

Occupation Median Annual Salary
Air conditioning, heating,  and refrigeration mechanics and installers $45,110
Installation, repair  and maintenance careers $45,790
Total, all occupations $36,200

Training Program of HVAC Technicians

For you to become a HVAC technician you need to earn a GED or high school diploma and passing shop-classes, science and math will be a great start. It is not necessary to learn how to use power tools or even computer training, but these things will make it easier for you to train. You should also complete trade/technical training or look for a formal apprentice training. Apprenticeship can be defined as a paid training program that normally lasts for 3 to 5 years; it is a great opportunity to earn money while learning. Even though apprentice programs are offered almost everywhere there is still a rising demand for technicians that have certificate from either a trade or technical school. It takes a couple of months or can take over a year for one to complete this training. Other training schools might also require you to be proficient in mechanic drawing, blueprint reading and mechanics. Being trained and having a certificate is the best way of separating yourself from others and it will make it easier for you to get a job. The main phases that a person should undergo for them to become a full-pledged technicians include:

  • The first phase is attending a technical or vocational school where you will be required to learn through a formal classroom setting of the theories and basics of HVAC repairs among other services. It takes time for you to be deemed knowledgeable in vocational courses. HVAC lessons can last several months or can take years and it all depends on the curriculum.
  • Another method is by becoming an apprentice of a certified HVAC technician. Though it isn’t as formal as a training program is but it allows you to get hold of the HVAC services basics quickly and also apply them in real life settings. In addition, apprentices are normally earns at a discount rate and this implies that they get paid while they are still perfecting their skills.

Some technicians usually are trained their trade entirely on the job, this case is now becoming rare. HVAC technicians who are trained on the job normally assist qualified technicians to perform basic tasks, like cleaning furnaces or insulating refrigerant lines. After learning some simple tasks they can move on to a more complex task, such as checking electrical circuits and soldering or cutting pipes. There are also different HVAC specializations a person can learn while training and this is mainly because there are different types of HVAC that should be handled differently. This means that when training you are given various HVAC units or services to choose from and specialize in when you become a licensed technician.

Certification of HVAC Technicians

It is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the US that all HVAC technicians who handle work or buy refrigerants to be certified or licensed in proper handling of refrigerant. For technicians to be certified they must pass a written exam to one of the four certifications; certification type I, certification type II, certification type III and universal certification. There are many unions, employer associations and schools that offer training programs that can prepare learners for EPA exams. It is recommended that HVAC technicians to take different tests so as to measure their abilities. There are different levels of experience that are required; those who have a relevant coursework of 2 years or less of experience might take the entry-level certification exam. The exam can be taken at trade or technical school and what one will study might include light commercial cooling and heating, commercial refrigeration and residential heating and cooling.

Some states might not allow you to perform HVAC work until you pass a state exam and then acquire an HVAC license; other states might not require you to become licensed at all. The EPA section eight certification or HVAC certification is a requirement that every HVAC technician should hold for them to be able to provide their services. The main reason for this is that the Environmental Protection Agency requires one to completely be knowledgeable and skilled of working and opening with a refrigerant container without exposing it to the environment. People performing HVAC work that involves refrigerant are recommended to gain an EPA certification by passing written exams. But, getting an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification typically depends on the type of HVAC work you want to perform. Because of the potentially risky nature of the occupation, only HVAC technicians who are fully licensed can be allowed to work on different types of HVAC systems. There are various certification levels an individual should pass for him/her to be liable to provide services. Some of the certification you need include:

  • Certification Type I: It is granted to HVAC technicians capable of servicing small machines or appliances such as domestic refrigerators, vending machines and air conditioning.
  • Certification Type II: It is granted to HVAC technicians skilled in disposing and servicing of tools with elevated pressure refrigerants like heat pumps, conditioners and industrial and supermarket refrigeration.
  • Certification Type III: It is granted to HVAC technicians capable of handling low pressure refrigerants such as chillers.
  • Universal Certification: It is granted to every technician who has the ability to service and deal with different HVAC refrigerants, units and systems.

HVAC Technicians Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the US stated found out that the expected job opportunity for HVAC technicians from the year 2014 to 2024 was 14%; this is faster than the average for all occupations. Residential and commercial building structures will lead to increase in employment of HVAC technicians. It is also projected that there will be an increase in the number of sophisticated climate-control systems and this will lead to an increase in demand for experienced technicians. HVAC technicians typically replace and repair heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Climate-control systems should be replaced after every 10-15 years. Another thing that is projected to increase the demand for HVAC technicians is the growing emphasis on pollution reduction and energy efficiency because climate-control systems are replaced, retrofitted and upgraded completely. Additionally, policies that prohibit the production and discharge of older kinds of refrigerants might bring about the need to replace of modify many air conditioning systems that exist.

Occupation Duties And Responsibilities Education/Entry Level Median Pay In The Year 2015
Solar Photovoltaic Installers Solar photovoltaic installers, who are also called PV installers usually install, maintain and assemble solar panel systems on top of roofs or other buildings. High school diploma or equivalent $37,830
Sheet Metal Workers Sheet metal workers install or fabricate items made from thin metal sheets, like ducts used in air conditioning and heating systems. High school diploma or equivalent $45,750
Plumbers, Steamfitters and Pipefitters Plumbers, steamfitters and pipefitters repair and install pipes that normally carry gases or liquids from, within and to homes, factories and businesses. High school diploma or equivalent $50,620
Electricians Electricians maintain, repair and install lighting, communications, electrical power and control systems in factories, businesses and homes. High school diploma or equivalent $51,880
Boilermakers They usually install, repair and assemble closed vats, boilers, and other large containers or vessels that hold gases and liquids. High school diploma or equivalent $60,120

How to Become a Medical Assistant – MA Schools & Career Outlook

Who is a Medical Assistant and What does He Do?

A medical assistant is the right hand woman or man, for a nurse or physician; this makes their lives as well as those of their patients to be easier. There are various responsibilities and duties that they normally perform, both administrative and clinical, and they also help patients to feel at ease by answering any questions they might have. However, keep in mind that their responsibilities and duties normally vary depending on the setting.

As already mentioned earlier, the duties and responsibilities of medical assistants usually vary depending on the setting. When in a hospital setting their work is to attend to the needs of a specific unit they are working for. Some of the things they might do is filling out patient forms, handling billing and performing common receptionist type of duties. Their work responsibilities are both lab and patient-based, where they can perform activities like administering immunizations, performing ECG readings, prescription or medication refills and examining samples collected from patients. They run errands for the doctors or physicians within a hospital or health center setting. They can work in a clinic, in a private practice or in an ambulatory care. In all of those settings, their duties and responsibilities will vary.

In a Clinic

When a medical assistant works in a clinic setting, s/he doesn’t work for a particular unit the way a hospital medical assistant does. Their work in the clinic setting is therefore mo general or comprehensive. The duties of a medical assistant in this setting involves a blend of administrative and clinical duties that includes greeting patients, answering phone calls, sterilizing medical equipments, changing wound dressing, disposing contaminated supplies and explaining procedures. Other additional duties might include preparing x-rays of patients, taking electrocardiograms, advising patients about special diets or medications, removing stitches and drawing blood. Nurses and doctors highly value the work of medical assistants in the clinic as they help the clinic to run smoothly.

In a Private Setting

When a medical assistant works in a private setting his/her duties and responsibilities is similar to that of an office receptionist and physicians will depend on medical assistants to provide patient care and also make sure that the activities in the office are running smoothly. You should keep in mind that their duties or responsibilities are unique and specific to the private setting they are working for. Medical assistants can also perform basic tests and exams; explain medical information to patients, scheduling appointments and much more.

In an Ambulatory Care

Medical assistants in ambulatory care have very specific duties that entails high-pressure atmosphere. They offer both clerical and clinical support, and should rely on their instincts as well as training to act fast to allow medical technicians to care for patients in an effective and well-timed manner. When a patient visits a hospital or clinic, a medical assistant is the first person they will come in contact with and s/he will help in completing the necessary patient forms, collecting the necessary specimens or samples and performing Point of Care testing.

Generally, the work of medical assistants is to complete clinical and administrative tasks in hospitals and other healthcare facilities as well as offices of doctors. Their duties and responsibilities depend on area of expertise, location and size of the practice.  A summary of their duties typically include:

  • Recording personal information and patient history.
  • Entering patient information into medical records.
  • Measure very important signs like blood pressure.
  • Scheduling patient appointments.
  • Help physicians with patient examinations.
  • Prepare blood samples for lab-tests.
  • Give patients medications or injections as permitted by state law or as directed by the doctor.

When medical assistants record personal information of patients they should always keep it confidential and only discuss it with other medical personnel that are involved in taking care or treating of the patient. The work of medical assistants is being changed by electronic health records (EHRs) where many physicians are now adopting the use of EHRs. Physicians are adopting the electronic health records (EHRs) by moving personal information and history of patients from paper to electronic records. It is therefore important that medical assistant learn and understand how to use the EHR software. Keep in mind that medical assistants are not the same as physician assistants whose work is to diagnose, examine and treat patients under the direction and supervision of a physician.

There are other medical assistants who specialize according to the type of medical office they are working for. For example, optometric and ophthalmic medical assistants help optometrists and ophthalmologists, respectively, to offer eye care. Some of their duties include showing patients how to remove, insert or care for contact lenses. An ophthalmic medical assistant might also help ophthalmologist in surgery. There is also a podiatric medical assistant who works closely with foot doctors or podiatrists and their work is to cast the feet, expose, preparing x-rays and also help podiatrists in surgery.

Types of Medical Assistants

A research conducted by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) showed that the most important duties and responsibilities of medical assistants fall in two categories, which include clinical and administrative duties.

Clinical Medical Assistants

MAs are not trained to carry out the same tasks as registered nurses, physicians, surgeons or other advanced healthcare providers. However, MAs education prepares them to perform various basic exams on patients and to carry out certain tasks under the direction and supervision of a physician. According to American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), there are several medical assistant clinical skills and they include:

  • Ensuring patients are ready for examinations. Before the patient is given any medication or is tested the medical assistant will explain to him/her about how the whole process will take place.
  • Recording the medical history of patients. Medical assistants need to document the medical history, current symptoms, risk factors and other related issues of a patient before the lead nurse or doctor arrives. This will help the physician to provide the best solution to the problem.
  • Discussing medical issues with patients as well as their family members or friends. MAs are often called upon to explain to patients or even their relatives about the dietary restrictions, symptom management, patient’s diagnosis, prescribed medication, treatment options and other important matters that closely relate to their condition or recovery.
  • Performing medical procedures like drawing blood, removing sutures and stitches, performing electrocardiogram and replacing wound dressing like casts and bandages.
  • In some cases, MAs might be required to administer medications.

Administrative Medical Assistant

Medical assistants frequently help administrative staffs who are behind the front desk to perform certain duties like:

  • Organizing appointment schedule. Though it depends on their office, MAs are often called upon to schedule appointments, receive phone calls and make sure that the calendar of patient in the facility is up to date and well organized.
  • Entering data of patients. In today’s world, most healthcare facilities usually maintain a network that consists of personal information of patients. In some cases, medical assistants might be required to update patient records and organize files of the facility.
  • Assisting new patients or their relative. MAs can deliver forms that patients submit for them to see a physician and they can also answer any question the patient or their relative might have. Medical assistants might also assist visitor check-ins for existing patients.
  • Communicating with insurance companies. Many offices of physicians, clinics and hospitals typically employ in-house insurance coders or billers to handle complicated insurance demands. In some cases, MAs might be asked to help these people by contacting providers, completing insurance forms and answer any question that patients might have about insurance.

Work Environment of Medical Assistants

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US, in the year 2014 there were about 591,300 medical assistants’ jobs. Some of the industries that employed most medical assistants include:

Industry Percentage
Outpatient care centers 7%
Other health practitioners offices 10%
Private, local and state hospitals 15%
Physicians offices 59%

Most medical assistants usually work in offices of physicians, outpatient clinics, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. In the year 2014 the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US found out that more than half of the entire medical assistants worked in offices of physicians. Most medical assistants work fulltime (40-hour per week) while others work holidays, weekends and evenings to cover shifts that are always open in medical facilities. Medical assistants work in a clean environment and they frequently interact with other people and can handle numerous duties at once.

A career as a medical assistant means that you will interact with patients, physicians and other staff in your line of work. It is vital to know what kind of environment you will be getting yourself into when you start practicing. The environment will vary depending on where you work, the type of medical assistant you are and, the scope of work. Remember that the core duties of a clinical medical assistant will revolve around patient care. In that case, the size of the population will also determine the work environment.

Clinical Medical Assistant’s Work Environment

The functions of a clinical medical assistant will incline towards patient care. They work in a clinic or health facility where their main role is to attend to the medical needs of the patient. From generating medical reports, to prescribing drugs to patients, they do it all. They help the doctor to exercise their duties effectively by taking up the usual roles and leaving the complex roles to the physicians. They interact closely with the patients, doctors, and other medical staff within the hospital setting. When patients arrive at a hospital or clinic, they prepare them before they can see the doctor. It may include taking their blood sample so that it can be sent to the laboratory or asking questions that relate to their illness and fill the form.

They also assist doctors in the lab to carry out tests and make the diagnosis. In short, they work in close collaboration with the physician and offer support to enhance the entire process. In the inventory section, they can help to manage the stock of medicine and other medical equipment. They ensure that everything in the clinic or hospital is up to standard, and the patients get the care they deserve. They are mostly on their feet moving from one patient to the other and running regular errands for the doctor.

Administrative Medical Assistant’s Work Environment

The work environment, in this case, will be at the administrative level. You will find many administrative medical assistants at the reception desk of a hospital or clinic. Their role does not require them to be constantly on their feet as they are always on their desk doing some administrative duties such as data entry, welcoming patients and visitors, scheduling appointments with the doctor, answering calls, and billing work among others.

Medical assistants mostly work 40 hours per week in a clean, high traffic, and interactive environment. Some work part-time while others work full-time.

How to Become a Medical Assistant

For one to become a medical assistant there is a long road ahead that will involve formal education and training. You need first to develop the passion for the field of medicine before you can decide to venture in the career as a medical assistant. With the growth of the internet and more medical schools offering online programs, you can use a wide range of avenues to acquire the education qualification part of it. You can take part in online learning, classroom learning or part-time learning in a medical institution. Certification may be essential but not a requirement for one to become a medical assistant. However, it helps improve the chances of securing future employment. Apart from that, it can lead to other careers in the same field such as doctor or physician or nurse.


Most medical assistants normally have a certificate in postsecondary education while others enter the profession with a high school diploma or learn through on-the-job training. In most states, there isn’t any formal educational requirement for one to become a medical assistant but most employers prefer to hire medical assistants who have finished these programs. There are different programs of medical assistants offered in universities, technical schools, community colleges and vocational schools. It will take approximately 1 year for one to complete the program and it can lead to a diploma or certificate. Some programs available at community colleges take 2 years for you to complete it and usually leads to an associate’s degree. Every program has a laboratory and classroom parts that comprise of lessons in medical terminology and anatomy.

There are those medical assistants who have a high school diploma and learn their duties or responsibilities on the job. Individuals in high school who are interested in becoming medical assistants need to take courses in anatomy, biology and chemistry.

Medical Experience Requirements

Most programs whether a certificate, diploma or associate degree will accommodate experience in the form of internships. It gives you the experience you need in the real world to become a medical assistant. It is usually in a hospital, clinic or health center setting where you work side by side with medical professionals. Your duty is to learn from them and put theory into practice. Remember that when in a classroom setting, you will learn some of the things you are supposed to do when practicing as a medical assistant. These are the same things you are required to do when on internships. There will be frequent assessments by your superiors in the institution of learning where they will come by to check your progress. Most employers will hire medical assistants who have hands-on experience in a hospital or clinic setting.

For programs that do not offer such training for do not have it as a requirement to complete the program, you have to look for experience elsewhere. You can engage in volunteer service in a medical facility or seek internships from health centers and hospitals. In this case, there will be no assessment as it is not part of the program. The medical professional who you will be working under will be the one to write you a recommendation which you have to provide to your employer as proof of experience. The experience practicing as a medical assistant will be good for your CV and hence impress the employer.

Important Qualities

For medical assistants to perform their jobs effectively they should equip themselves with several important skills. When medical assistants take certification programs they usually incorporate some important skills into their curriculum like:

Medical Terminology

Medical assistants should have broad working knowledge of common medical terms and names and some of them include:

  • Treatment, therapy procedures and medication prescribed for different medical conditions.
  • Bones, fluids, muscles, organs, and systems that consists of the human anatomy, and Latin prefixes and suffixes relating to the body
  • General causes, signs and symptoms of various physical injuries, ailments, and diseases
  • Viruses, parasites, bacteria and other infection agents that can have an effect on human health
  • Machines, devices and instruments used to monitor, diagnose, and treat patients  

Technical Skills

The basic value of a medical assistant is frequently considered by the number of tests, exams and other medical duties one is able to properly perform. However, there are other extensive procedures and surgeries which will be handled by senior physicians. Some of the technical skills medical assistants should have include:

  • Obtaining samples or drawing blood for testing, and they can also analyze specimens
  • Redressing wounds and replacing sutures
  • The administration of parenteral, oral, rectal and topical medications
  • Performing respiratory tests and conducting electrocardiograms (EKGs)
  • Performing “sterilization” procedures
  • Safe disposal of bodily samples/ fluids, used syringes, and other biomedical materials

Communication Skills

As a medical assistant you need to have good listening skills, be clear, concise and be able to discuss any patient information with physicians or other medical personnel. They should also be able to talk to patients who might be in distress or in pain and help them feel comfortable. Medical assistants should always have good communication skills when carrying out activities like updating physicians about the diagnostic status of their patients, discussing with patients about their current condition, submitting forms to insurance company and much more. Medical assistants are uniquely trained to talk patient’s language and act as an intermediary between busy doctors and patients who are frequently afraid to talk or ask questions.

Office Management Skills

Most hospitals and clinics usually employ medical office administrators to manage daily operations and thus medical assistants need to carry out different duties that help improve efficiency and attend to the needs of patients quickly. In any healthcare facility, there is demand of skills like sending emails, typing, receiving phone calls and creating original documents and that’s why it’s important for a medical assistant to have office management skills. For example, MAs at the office of physicians can be asked to issue reminder calls or schedule appointments for patients, whereas MAs at hospitals help with performing the first diagnostic analysis on new patients and also assist with check-ins of visitors. 

Salary of Medical Assistants

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for medical assistants in May 2015 was $30,590. The median salary can be defined as the wage where half workers in a given occupation earned less than that amount and half earned more. The highest ten percent got paid more than $43,880 and lowest ten percent got paid less than $22,040. The median annual salary for nursing assistants in top industries they worked for include the following:

Industry Median annual salary
Outpatient care centers $32,060
Private, local or state hospitals $31,410
Physician’s offices $30,830
Other health practitioner’s offices $27,980

The difference in salaries can be attributed by the level of experience in the field. For example, a junior medical assistant who has less than 5 years of experience as a medical assistant will have a low salary expectation as compared to the one who has more than 5 years of experience. What determines how much you earn in the form of salary as a medical assistant? The following factors will help you understand your earning potential:

The Employer

Different employers will reward their employees differently. A medical assistant of one employer will receive different perks depending on the patient turn out or the relationship between the employer and the employee. For example, an employer can choose to include bonuses and commissions for a job well done. Apart from that, there are hourly tips that can be awarded to the employee. Another package that makes part of the salary will be the overtime work an employee does. The job description has to entail the scope of work. Anything that is outside that scope will be paid differently. Although when working in a private practice, the rules do not necessarily apply, an employer can decide when to give you the commission, bonuses or pay for overtime. The more the commissions, bonuses, tips and overtime pay, the more you will rake in the form of salary.

Level of Experience

It is obvious that medical assistants with many years of practice will attract a huge salary as compared to the ones who have few years of experience. Employers will reward based on the experience you have in the field of practice.  For example, the entry-level medical assistant will have a lower income as compared to an experienced medical assistant. Those who come straight out of college will have to wait before they can go home with a huge salary. They are considered as entry level since they have low skills and experience in the field. They always work under the registered medical assistant or physician and with time, their salary level changes for the better.

Level of Education

A medical assistant with a certificate qualification will have a lower income as compared to the one with a diploma or associate degree qualification. Most of these qualifications are highlighted in the job requirement by the employer. Although a certificate holder can secure a job, an associate degree holder will have better chances of being employed. The expectation will, however, be different depending on the level of education. Most certificate and diploma holders will advance their education to the associate degree level while they are still working in medical facilities. As they advance their education and training, so will their salaries.

Medical Assistant Training Program

Most medical assistants who don’t have postsecondary education can learn through on the job training where other medical assistants or physicians can teach new medical assistants of the different tasks. Some of the things you can learn include name of various medical equipments, medical terminology, how to discuss with physicians or patients and also how to perform other tasks that keep an office operate smoothly. Medical assistants can also be taught how to code electronic health records (EHRS) as well as paper records and how to record personal information of patients. It normally takes a number of months for a medical assistant to complete training and it all depends on the facility.

Training for students who want to pursue a career as medical assistants will equip them with the necessary knowledge to perform their duties. However, the type of training you undergo will depend on the program you have chosen. It is clear students can now enroll in an online program which has proven to be convenient and less expensive. For example, you do not have to travel all the way to an institution of your choice to acquire the necessary knowledge and training to become a medical assistant. There is also the on-campus program that allows you to study and gain knowledge while in the institution of your choice.

Regardless of whether you want the on-campus or online program, you have to look for an institution that is accredited by the relevant bodies. Employers will be looking for students who have certification from those accredited institutions and thus marketable as compared to others. The three major training programs for medical assistants are the certificate, diploma, and associate degree. Each of these programs will entail a unique way through which students undergo medical training to help them during their practice.


You can complete a diploma in less than 1 year and thus a good way to quickly quick-start your career as a medical assistant. It takes at most 3 semesters where you can be allowed to take the certified medical assistant test. Most certifications will require that you pass the exam before you can qualify for that certification. A diploma can help you improve your CV and thus improve your odds of securing a job. Under this program, you get training in administrative roles, clinical procedures and practice, medical law, anatomy and office management.

Training is for both administrative and clinical medical assistants. You will get learn and know how to receive visitors and patients, patient care and all other administrative roles you are required to know while working in a health center or medical facility.


It prepares students who want to get into the job market as medical assistants. You get to learn the terminologies used the set up of a medical office and the training in general. Training will involve internships where you get to work with a professional medical officer in real-life experience this will help you learn how to deal with real medical issues while you take care of patients in a medical facility. It takes the same period to complete as compared to the diploma level of education and training. However, students in this program are equipped with the relevant knowledge and experience to pursue an associate degree program after completing the certificate program. The training in this program includes:

Insurance and Medical Billing

You get all training that relates to insurance and health care industry. You get to learn how to process insurance claims for patients and how it works. At some point, you will be expected to process claims of health insurance for patients. It is an administrative training program that allows you to take care of the relevant paperwork in a medical office. It may include filing and submitting insurance forms, and learning why and how they are prepared the way they are.

Medical Laboratory Training

It is part of the clinical training which ensures that you offer proper patient care once you get into the job market. The students get to learn the techniques and concepts used in the laboratory. They include testing samples and procedures in documentation and testing. Laboratory training is essential especially for clinical medical assistants as it forms part of their core duties.

Medical Assisting Internships

They form the final course or training of the program. Students are allowed to go out and showcase the knowledge and skills they have acquired in a classroom setting. They work with a professional in the field. Internships provide hands-on expertise to the students in their path to becoming medical assistants. Not all institutions will have the internship program as part of their curriculum. In such a case, you have to look for internships outside the program to impress the potential employer.

Associate Degree

It is a continuation of what you learn in the diploma and certificate level. You get to acquire advanced knowledge and training in the medical field. It will feature both administrative and clinical training but in the advanced stages as compared to the diploma and certificate programs. The training programs under the associate degree program will entail a more in-depth knowledge about the human body.

For example, phlebotomy, which is the study of the human circulatory system, where students learn the right way to take blood samples.

The study of psychology allows students to learn the human behavior and thus how to effectively deal with patients. Pharmacology is also a training course that equips students with the knowledge of how to administer medication to patients plus the various drug laws.

Medical Assistant Certification

In most states, medical assistants aren’t required to be certified but some employers might consider hiring certified assistants. There are a number of organizations offering certification and an applicant needs to pass an exam and for them to be eligible for each certification then they should take one of several paths. These paths might be work experience, graduating from an accredited program etc. Most organizations offering certification recommend that applicants should be at least 18 years for them to apply for certification. Some states might not allow medical assistants to practice it until they graduate from a certified program and pass an exam.

Certification normally indicates that a medical assistant meets particular standards of competence. MAs can also become certified in a certain area of expertise like ophthalmology, podiatry and optometry. Because they usually interact with the public it’s therefore important that they stay clean and neat and also be well-mannered. MAs must respect the personal nature of medical information and be able to take care of patients and explain instructions given by physicians. Medical tasks require a practical and realistic level of visual perception and manual dexterity. For more information on registrations, certifications and licenses you can check with board of medicine.

Some of the accredited certifications include:

  • Certified clinical medical assistant (CCMA).
  • Certified medical administrative assistant (CMAA), and
  • National certified medical assistant (NCMA) among others.

These certifications are offered by accredited programs to equip medical assistants with the relevant skills in their jobs. Employers will be more confident with medical assistants who have certifications as they have the necessary skills to execute their roles effectively. For example, the administrative roles and clinical duties which are covered in those certifications. Also, the medical field is dynamic and new ways of patient care and administrative duties in a hospital setting are coming up. Through those certifications, students can learn the new ways and make use of the latest technology to better their skills which might not be available during their certificate or diploma or associate degree study.

Most organizations that offer such certifications will require the student to graduate as a medical assistant and pass an exam before they can apply for the certification. However, some will require that you only have the experience as a medical assistant.

Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the US stated found out that the expected job opportunity for medical assistant from the year 2014 to 2024 was 23%; this is faster than the average for all occupations. The average salary for these health professions per year in May 2014 was $30,590 but it is expected to rise with time. As people age, many medical assistants will be needed to provide preventive medical services which is usually offered by physicians. Medical assistants typically come in to help physicians to attend to many patients because they will be assisting in performing regular clinical as well as administrative duties. Clinics, hospitals and other healthcare facilities have increased in number and this has lead to demand of support workers such as medical assistants to provide both clinical and administrative duties. Medical assistants can be found in the basic care or an increasingly developing healthcare industry sector.

Through additional training and experience medical assistants might advance to other careers. For instance, some MAs may decide to pursue additional education so that they can become nurses or health care workers while others may teach medical assisting. Administrative medical assistants may go on to become office manager or even qualify for several administrative support careers.

Advancement in Technology

The growth in the level of technology will be accompanied by personnel who will be able to use that technology. When you have a clinic that uses high-tech equipment, you will need a medical assistant who can use that equipment. It will thus help create or increase the demand for medical assistant in health centers and clinics to serve the huge turnout of patients. Most medical institutions and hospitals are using the latest technology to offer better services to their patients. However, the growing number of doctors will require assistance from medical technicians so that they can concentrate on their core skills.

High Population

The ratio of doctor to patient should be standard and manageable. With the rise in the population level, more doctors have to be employed to cater for the high demand. A population that is high means that more people will make an appointment with the doctor. Each doctor will require an assistant who has experience and knowledge in the medical field. This will increase the need to hire more medical assistants to take care of the administrative and clinical roles.

Demand for Better Medical and Healthcare Services

You will find medical assistants in hospitals, clinics, and private practice. All these are private and public health centers where patients visit to seek treatment. The need for better medical services will require the hiring of more medical assistants to take care of the needs of patients. The medical services may be at the reception or through patient care. In short, anything that leads to smooth operations within a medical facility will constitute as better care for the patient. This will result to the mushrooming of more clinics and private practice by doctors to better the services to their patients. As a result, it will lead to more opportunities for medical assistants in future.

Growth of the Healthcare Industry

Things are changing rapidly with the people’s way of life and living standards. The increase of the healthcare industry is thus inevitable with more people looking to set up private clinics and health centers. It is thus set to increase the demand for medical assistants to take care of minor operations in those clinics. With a mix of technology advancement and population increase, the job market for medical assistants is set to grow with time.


According to a survey of 2015 by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, different states in the US offer different salaries to medical assistants. For example, in the state of California, a medical assistant can expect to earn an annual salary of $35,440, and $29,180, $30,170, $34,280 for Texas, Florida, and New York respectively. The difference in the pay scale can be attributed by the variation in the living standards and the economic status of those states. Having prior knowledge of the salary expectations of every state can help you choose where to work as a medical assistant. The District of Columbia (DC) state attracted the highest salary for medical assistants in the country with an annual pay of $39,780.


The demand for medical assistants spreads across numerous industries across the economy. They include among them outpatient care centers, physicians’ offices, health practitioners’ offices and medical laboratories. Each of the above industries will offer a different salary package for the medical assistants. For example, medical laboratories will offer annual pay of $41,930, and the outpatient care centers $33,550 according to the 2015 salary survey by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How to Become a Massage Therapist (or) Masseuse

Massage therapy is defined as the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues and that includes joints, tendons, ligaments, connective tissues and muscles. It is actually a clinically based healthcare that works effectively in helping a person alleviate the much discomfort that is normally associated with occupational or everyday stress. It is highly gaining popularity because of the impact it has on people’s lives and that includes improving general health and wellbeing. Massage therapy has been confirmed to have the ability to treat both acute and chronic conditions and should never be taken for granted. This is a therapy that is done manually and there are so many types of massage therapy methods and is also referred to as modalities. Among the reasons why people choose massage therapy is so that they can reduce stress and anxiety, reduce pain, relax muscles etc. the two major categories of massage therapy are relaxation massage and rehabilitative massage.

What They Do?

what-massage-therapists-doIf you have been looking for a fulfilling and satisfying job then you should consider becoming a massage therapist because it aims at making people feel better. You will be using your unique set of tools and that is your hands to actually reduce stress, relieve pain, unwind bound-up muscles and generally bring wellness. Massage therapy in general has more than 80 types of treatments and the massage therapists normally have various ways to deliver relief. As a therapist you will have a chance to specialize in different areas e.g. sports massage, reflexology, acupressure, deep tissue etc. for a person to become a massage therapist you will need to become an expert in various modalities and each of them requires certain techniques and skills. An important thing to note is that there is an increasing number of people who are finding massage therapy quite appealing and is therefore a marketable career.

What massage therapists do is that they treat people using touch and this as mentioned is by manipulating the muscles and other soft tissues. They are skilled and qualified and when you visit one they will first discuss your symptoms, medical history, expectations and from there they are able to determine the best modalities to use. Much of what they use are their fingers, hands, elbows, forearms and feet which helps them knead the body with the application of oils and lotions. Massage therapists also offer advice on the type of exercise, stretching and relaxation techniques that one should follow as a way of fulfilling their lifestyle needs. All these are what makes massage therapy attractive, the fact that it encompasses so many aspects in one service. So generally, what a massage therapy should be able to do is heal through touch, de-stress and relax the body, get the patient’s body realigned and blood flowing through the system more openly. Apart from all that a good massage therapist should have a caring attitude and also show willingness to help other people. This is necessary as it’s what will help you to do the best for your patients and also be able to see results in their bodies.

In addition to the time massage therapists spend giving massages, they may also spend some of their time marketing, recording patient notes, booking clients, washing linens and other general tasks related to the business.

Work Environment

massage-therapist-workYou should know that in most cases, massage therapists work by appointment and that means their schedules and number of hours worked every week vary from time to time. In this career one works in different kind of settings and this includes both public and private. This you should know may require you to even offer services to clients at their homes or offices. Good examples of the places you are going to work in include hospitals, studios, nursing homes, private offices, airports, shopping malls, sports medicine facilities and fitness centers. You will actually notice that full-time massage therapists always divide their time among various settings and that is always depending on the clients and locations they are scheduled for.

There are massage therapists who are licensed and those who are not, the working environment for the licensed massage therapists can be completely different from the one who is not. When licensed you can be independent and that means you can work at your home, office or at the client’s home but the rest mostly work in spas, salons and at the chiropractors office. When working as a self-employed massage therapist you will definitely provide your own table or chair, pillows, sheets and oils or body lotions.

When looking at their working conditions, that normally depends on the client’s needs and also the location. If for example the massage is to rehabilitate a patient with an injury then it should be provided in a well-lit setting where other clients are also receiving treatment. If you are however offering a relaxing massage then you are likely to work in a dimly lit setting and also use candles, incense and some soothing music.

It really helps to be aware of the fact that massages therapy s always physically demanding and there are chances of the therapist injuring themselves if proper techniques are not used. Common experiences are that you will get fatigued from standing for long periods and there are also repetitive-motion problems. You can however minimize such risks by spacing sessions well, exercising, using good techniques and also getting a massage regularly. According to the nature of the job and also the time needed in between sessions, massage therapists are known to work for less than 40 hours per week. For a full-time worker you will be working approximately 15-30 hours per week.

How to Become a Massage Therapist?

how-to-become-a-massage-therapistAmong the reasons why people choose to become massage therapists include the flexibility it offers and this is in terms of independence, choice of practice locations and work hours. It is important to note that it is viewed as effective in the health and wellness professions and the reason why the number of massage therapists keeps growing from time to time. To qualify for a training program an individual requires a high school diploma but a post-secondary education is also useful.

To begin your journey into the field of massage therapy I would urge you to first do your research and determine whether it is something you would love to be a part of. After that, find a way to experience what it feels like to work as a massage therapist and this could entail going to a workshop and doing it practically. The truth is that massage therapy is a unique career and not everyone is cut out to be a therapist so find out first hand if you are really passionate about being one before pushing forward to enroll in a school. What is always important is not starting your schooling but rather finishing it so first analyze yourself to confirm your interest and then analyze the school and see if it is the best fit. A good way to learn more about the field is talking to a massage therapist as that will be an opportunity for you to ask as many questions as possible and it will give you an idea of the type of massage therapist you want to be. Apart from asking questions you could also get a massage to have the feel of what it is much about. There is also the option of researching online about the different types of massage. With all that knowledge in mind you will know what you want to specialize in as a massage therapist before you even begin studying.

With a high school education an individual can enroll in a formal accredited training program in massage therapy to gain the required knowledge and skills. In-case you are going through a certificate granting program then it will take you a year to complete but a degree program will go for two years. One can find these programs at their local community colleges and all they have to do is look for that which offers the best. Some of the subjects you are likely to study include therapeutic massage, clinical massage applications, anatomy and physiology, human function and structure and medical terminology.

Basically the whole process of becoming a massage therapist includes completing a training program at a massage therapy school as this is what qualifies you to practice in the chosen location. The required period of study is said to be between 330 and 100 hours and that is from weeks to two years.  After graduating you will be required to meet specific requirements of your state or municipality and that includes getting a license and much of this entails passing the massage and bodywork licensing exam. An important thing to note however is that, not every state has the same licensing requirements so it is your responsibility to check the regulatory board of your state to confirm that your massage therapy program meets the requirements.

List of Top 100 Massage Therapy Schools in the World:

Rank School Name Students % of Total Total On-Campus Cost
1 National Holistic Institute 665 97% N/A
2 National Massage Therapy Institute 442 97% N/A
3 Instituto de Banca y Comercio Inc 399 4% N/A
4 David’s Academy of Beauty 379 100% N/A
5 Utah College of Massage Therapy-Vegas 372 100% N/A
6 Praxis Institute 301 79% N/A
7 Santa Ana Beauty College 295 49% N/A
8 Utah College of Massage Therapy-Salt Lake City 288 90% N/A
9 Utah College of Massage Therapy-Tempe 273 85% N/A
10 Baltimore School of Massage-Linthicum 266 73% N/A
11 Dayton School of Medical Massage 262 100% $15,900
12 Utah College of Massage Therapy-Phoenix 215 74% N/A
13 Soma Institute-The National School of Clinical Massage Therapy 209 100% N/A
14 Florida College of Natural Health-Maitland 198 62% N/A
15 Utah College of Massage Therapy-Westminster 192 100% N/A
16 Irene’s Myomassology Institute 179 100% N/A
17 Cortiva Institute-Seattle 168 100% N/A
18 Utah College of Massage Therapy-Aurora 163 100% N/A
19 New York College of Health Professions 160 66% $15,459
20 Professional Hands Institute 158 100% $6,100
21 Utah College of Massage Therapy-Dallas 153 100% N/A
22 Swedish Institute a College of Health Sciences 151 89% $14,272
23 Cortiva Institute-Florida 140 100% $12,685
24 Florida Career College-Miami 138 3% $20,184
25 Cortiva Institute-Chicago 137 100% N/A
26 Cortiva Institute-Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy 135 100% N/A
27 Utah College of Massage Therapy-Utah Valley 129 100% N/A
28 Florida School of Massage 126 100% N/A
29 Colorado School of Healing Arts 125 100% $14,500
30 East West College of the Healing Arts 125 100% N/A
31 Cortiva Institute-Tucson 121 100% N/A
32 Healing Hands School of Holistic Health 119 100% N/A
33 Florida College of Natural Health-Pompano Beach 113 46% N/A
34 Cortiva Institute-Boston 112 100% N/A
35 Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy 112 100% N/A
36 Southern California Health Institute 112 42% N/A
37 McCann School of Business & Technology 109 10% $11,770
38 Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy-Newington 107 100% $14,050
39 Southeastern Institute-Charlotte 105 38% N/A
40 Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork 102 100% N/A
41 Florida College of Natural Health-Miami 99 42% N/A
42 Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage 98 100% N/A
43 Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare of Herzing University 95 90% $11,150
44 Southwest Institute of Healing Arts 94 20% N/A
45 Aveda Institute-Minneapolis 93 17% N/A
46 Finger Lakes School of Massage 92 100% N/A
47 Heritage College-Kansas City 91 22% N/A
48 Heritage College-Columbus 91 35% N/A
49 Everest College-Tacoma 89 12% $12,989
50 Heritage College-Little Rock 88 26% N/A
51 Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy-Westport 85 100% $14,050
52 Florida College of Natural Health-Bradenton 84 55% N/A
53 Cortiva Institute-Scottsdale 83 100% N/A
54 Baltimore School of Massage-York 83 100% N/A
55 Heritage College-Oklahoma City 82 21% N/A
56 Coastline Beauty College 82 36% N/A
57 Institute for Therapeutic Massage 78 85% N/A
58 Atlanta School of Massage 77 55% N/A
59 Beauty Schools of America-Hialeah 77 15% N/A
60 Finger Lakes School of Massage 77 100% N/A
61 Professional Massage Training Center 76 100% N/A
62 Florida Academy 76 67% N/A
63 Charter College-Canyon Country 73 7% $18,313
64 Advance Beauty College 71 16% N/A
65 Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy-Groton 70 100% N/A
66 Everest College-Vancouver 69 31% $15,612
67 Everest College-Ontario 68 11% N/A
68 Northwestern Health Sciences University 66 40% $12,590
69 Blue Cliff College-Metairie 66 15% $18,447
70 Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado 66 100% N/A
71 Everest College-Seattle 65 42% $16,172
72 Miller-Motte College-Wilmington 65 13% $12,285
73 Augusta School of Massage 65 100% N/A
74 WellSpring School of Allied Health-Kansas City 65 56% N/A
75 Georgia Career Institute 64 18% N/A
76 Everest Institute-Tigard 64 26% $17,926
77 South Texas Vocational Technical Institute-Brownsville 64 21% N/A
78 Sunstate Academy 63 35% N/A
79 Miller-Motte College-Cary 63 26% $12,459
80 Healing Arts Center 63 100% N/A
81 European Massage Therapy School-Las Vegas 63 100% N/A
82 Cortiva Institute-Seattle 63 100% N/A
83 Parker University 62 28% $15,850
84 Myotherapy College of Utah 62 100% N/A
85 Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy 62 100% N/A
86 Healing Mountain Massage School 61 100% N/A
87 Heritage College-Wichita 61 16% N/A
88 Spa Tech Institute-Westbrook 60 34% N/A
89 Southeastern Institute-Charleston 60 33% N/A
90 American Career College-Ontario 60 7% N/A
91 Ponce Paramedical College Inc 59 6% N/A
92 Virginia School of Massage 58 78% N/A
93 New York Institute of Massage Inc 58 100% N/A
94 Medical Training College 58 26% N/A
95 European Massage Therapy School-Skokie 58 100% $8,500
96 Everest Institute-Grand Rapids 56 14% N/A
97 University of Western States 56 66% N/A
98 Sarasota School of Massage Therapy 56 100% N/A
99 Academy of Massage Therapy 55 100% N/A
100 American Career College-Anaheim 55 5% N/A

Important Qualities

For massage therapists to perform their jobs effectively they should equip themselves with several important skills. When massage therapists take certification programs they usually incorporate some important skills into their curriculum like:

  • Communication skills: As a massage therapist, you should always listen to your clients carefully; this will help you to understand what they would like to accomplish through massage sessions.  
  • Time management skills: Therapists need to tailor a session to the specific needs of a client. Massage therapists should know how to use their appointment time wisely so that they can help each client attain their goals.
  • Decision making skills: Massage therapists should evaluate the needs of each client and advice on the best healing on the foundation of the needs of that person.
  • Physical stamina: Because massage therapists spend most of their time on their feet; they need to be strong, comfortable and able to apply pressure when working on the muscles of a client or even when doing several hands and arms movements.
  • Empathy: Therapists should give their clients positive experience that needs one to build trust between them and their clients. This will make clients to feel comfortable and it will also expand the base of their clients. Doing all these and any other activities requires an empathetic and compassionate attitude.
  • Integrity: Massage therapists sometimes can record personal information or medical histories of clients and thus they need to be truthful, honest and protect the client’s privacy.            


massage-therapist-salaryAccording to research, the median annual salary of massage therapist in august 29 2016 was approximately $47,437 and the range is between $42,455 and $54,493, however, this usually depends on various factors such as the years of experience, location, field among other factors. The average wage that a massage therapist makes per hour is about $19.83 but most people prefer changing their career especially if they have more than 18 years of experience in this field. The skills associated with massage therapist that are highest paying include medical massage, myofascial release and pain management. According to the bureau of labor statistics in the US, the median annual salary for massage therapists in the year 2014 was $37,180. The highest ten percent got paid more than $71,900 and lowest ten percent got paid less than $18,400. The average wages of careers with related titles include the following:

Occupation Wage
Aide Physical Therapy $14,000
Massage Therapist ON Call $16,000
Massage Therapy Coordinator $19,000
Dual Licensed Therapist $20,000
Massage Therapist $22,000
Skin Therapist $30,000
Certified Massage Therapist $33,000
Massage Therapist Manager $38,000
Licensed Massage Therapist $39,000
Massage Therapist Pearland $39,000
Driver Manager Fleet Manager $46,000
Massage Therapy $47,000
General Massage Therapist $52,000
Massage Therapist Des Moine $67,000
Mobile Massage Therapist $98,000

Training Program

massage-therapy-trainingIf you want to become a massage therapist then you should finish a post-secondary education of at least 500 hours of study as well as experience, even though requirements and standards differ significantly by state or other jurisdictions. Most massage therapy programs require you to complete a study of at least 500 hours while others might require 1,000 hour or even more. If you want an admission to a massage therapy school then you need to have a high school diploma or equivalent. The programs usually include both class room study as well as hands-on practice of massage techniques. Subjects to be covered in the programs include anatomy; kinesiology – it is the study of body mechanics and motion; physiology – it is the study of tissues and organs; pathology – it is the study of disease; ethics and business management. Some programs might focus on particular specialties and modalities of massage and others might offer continuing education and job placement services. You can also decide to do either full-time or part-time programs.


massage-therapist-certificationMost states typically control massage therapy and also require massage therapists to have a certification or license. Massage therapy was regulated by 25 states and districts of Columbia in the year 2014. Not all states normally license and certify massage therapy but they might have laws at the local level. States that have regulations may require massage therapy workers to have a certification or license before practicing massage. Regulations of various states usually require you to pass exams and graduate from a certified massage therapy program. The exams might be from a particular state or you might also be required to pass Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination licensure exam, which is offered by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards. Therapists might be required to have liability insurance, be trained in performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and pass a background check. Many states require therapists to renew their license from time to time and to complete continuing education credits. If you want to practice massage therapy then you need to take a look at the legal requirements for the locality and state in which you want to practice.

Job Outlook

massage-therapist-jobsThe Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the US stated found out that the expected job opportunity for massage therapists from the year 2014 to 2024 was 23%; this is faster than the average for all occupations. The increase in demand of massage therapists will bring about new openings to people in this occupation. As many states start to implement licensing standards and requirements for massage therapists, more people will begin accepting and respecting massage as a way o treating pain and improving overall health and wellbeing. Correspondingly, more healthcare providers now know the benefits of massage and this has led to increase of demand of massage as it has become part of the treatment plan. However, there are various things that will temper with demand of massage such as limited insurance coverage. There are also various benefits being offered by massage to specific groups of people whose constant demand of massage services will increase the overall growth of the career. For instance, massage therapists are being hired by many sports teams to help athletes recover from injuries and to manage or alleviate pain. There has been an increase in the number of clinic licenses in the recent years and many usually provide reasonably priced massages as compared to those offered at resorts and spas; this makes the massage services to be available to many clients. However, the state of economy limits the demand of massage services because during tough times in the economy, both the number of people looking for massage therapy as well as the frequency of massages could decline. In states that control or regulate massage therapy, there should be availability of opportunities for those who pass professionally documented exam and have successfully completed formal programs. However, if you are new to massage therapy then you must expect it to take time for you to build a customer base. An important source of the work of massage therapists is referrals; networking and marketing can help boost the number of job opportunities. Another thing that can help promote the chances of steady work and help build strong contacts is joining a professional association. Additionally, massage therapists can complete education programs in various modalities so that they can be able to attract a wider variety of clients.

How to Become a Medical transcriptionist

Knowledge, education, and preparing can be gotten through diploma or certificate courses, online programs, and by working (on the job training) in some healing facilities. However, the knowledge that there are some states at the moment recruiting medical transcriptionists that possess a year and a half up to two years of particular medical transcription preparing. Working as a medicinal transcriptionist (MT) gives you the insight in mastering medical terms and edition, skills to listen and record at the same time, you will also learn how to use machine for transcribing, the machine also includes foot pedal, which you can use to pause or stop the recording, and at the same time keeping up a consistent cadence while implementing.

Transcription in medicine incorporates training and preparing ordinarily incorporates courses in medical phrasing, anatomy analysis, text and words editing, linguistic use and accentuation, writing (typing), medicinal record configurations and types, and medical insurance documentation.

Although medicinal translation does not order enlistment or accreditation, some medical transcriptionists may search out enrollment/registration for individual or expert reasons. Possession of an authentication from a health transcription preparing program does not qualify a medical transcriptionist for utilization of the title as a Certified Medical Transcriptionist. CHDS (Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist) accreditation can be attained by finishing an affirmation exam overseen exclusively by the AHDI, in the past the AAMT (American Association for Medical Transcription), as the credentialing assignment they made.

Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) likewise offers the certification of RHDS. As indicated by Registered Healthcare Documentation Specialist, AHDI is first level certification while the Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist is an upper-level certification. AHDI keeps up a rundown of affirmed medicinal translation colleges. Generally, medical transcriptionists that have certification will win receive more money than MT’s without CERTIFICATION.

There is an extraordinary level of inward verbal confrontation about which learning program best readies a medical transcriptionist for work in medical industry. Whether MT has learned transcription while attending an online course, junior college, night courses at high school, or while working in a hospital, specialist’s office or healing facility, a well learned MT is exceptionally esteemed. On behalf of this, Healthcare Documentation Integrity Association confirmation accreditations, medical transcriptionists who can reliably and precisely translate different record work-sorts and provide notes inside a sensible turnaround-time are highly valued and needed. Time needed to finish the job, which is determined by the administration supplier or consented to by the MT himself ought to be sensible however reliable with the need to give back the documentation to the medical chart of a patient as soon as possible.

Most Medical transcription offices incline toward applicants with at least a year of previous practice as an MT, however, formal preparation isn’t always needed, and it also won’t require an obligatory test. A few healing centers require just a simple certificate for work as a medicinal transcriptionist.

Ten years ago Medical Transcriptionist occupation turned into a qualified U.S. Branch of Labor Apprenticeship, a two-year program concentrating on intense hospital work. The year 2004 was remembered because of a test case program which was started for Vermont inhabitants with 737 candidates for just 20 classroom experimental run program openings. The goal was to prepare the candidates as Medical Transcriptionists much faster.

The main jobs of a Medicinal Transcriptionists are listening to directed recordings from specialists and medicinal experts and turn them into written documents, and different materials. They utilize a headset to listen to medical recordings, a PC or some other kind of word processor to decipher the recordings, and a foot pedal to stop the recordings when it is required. While they listen to the specific medical recordings, MT’s are correcting and altering linguistic mistakes. MT’s who work in smaller doctor’s stations and facilities may likewise have regulatory obligations, such as planning arrangements, receiving the patients, and receiving calls.

Education Degree Requirements for a Medical Transcriptionist

MT’s are not required to have second-degree training; however, the majority of managers want to enlist the individuals who have postsecondary education. Professional schools, junior colleges, and online schools offer an MT practice. Albeit MT’s training degree necessities fluctuate starting with one manager then onto the next, numerous eager medicinal transcriptionists would surely profit by finishing a 1-year certification program or AS medical degree program in transcription.

MT’s are needed to be acquainted with medical phrasing to be able to understand and precisely decipher recordings. Understudies that are studying to be MT’s might be required to take classes in physiology, anatomy, medical terms, medical and insurance laws identified with human services documentation and language classes. Understudies likewise pick up at work experience under the direction of experienced MT.

It is critical for MT’s to have great listening aptitudes, solid linguistic, grammar use, normal listening abilities (good hearing) and propelled writing/typing rate and computer literacy.

Chosen qualifications for MT’s incorporate the RMT (Registered Medical Transcriptionist) as well as CMT (Certified Medical Transcriptionist) assignments. The Registered Medical Transcriptionist accreditation is available for the individuals who have finished MT degree programs and have below two years of involvement in intense care. The Certified Medical Transcriptionist certification is suitable for the individuals who have no less than two years of involvement in intense care utilizing diverse configuration, correspondence, and reports in specialty fields. To gain either of these two qualifications, an applicant must get a positive score on the exam.

Career Outlook for Medical transcriptionists

As indicated by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the employment rate MT’s is anticipated to increase slower than in previous years. It will grow from till 2020, at a rate of 6%. The requirement for MT’s will expand as the populace keeps on maturing, mechanical advances have made transcriptionists more capable, and that will restrain the general development in the MT field. Transcription is progressively being outsourced in foreign countries, however, there will still be an interest in domestic-trained MT’s, since reports interpreted abroad, as a rule, require critical altering before they meet quality measures in the United States.

Transcription, especially medical is turning into a prominent career decision as a result of the adaptability it offers. Albeit numerous MT’s work in Hospitals and smaller doctor’s practices, some of them are working in a home setup. MT’s common work hours are 40 hours per week. Independently employed MT’s may work unpredictable hours, for example, night shifts or weekends. Profession prospects are favorable for the individuals who have a certificate.

In the event that you might want to be an essential individual in the medical team and are showing interest in medical documentation, think about starting the career as an MT. Transcription in medicine is a perfect opportunity for a career for “word freaks” that have the interest in the medical insurance field and are interested in working remotely.

The Basics requirements for becoming a Medical Transcriptionist (MT)

MT’s make reports and other regulatory documents from doctors’ dictated recordings. Besides deciphering, you’ll alter data for grammatical errors and appropriate utilization of medical terms in a patient’s medical record charts. You’ll require extensive information of medicinal terms, medical operations, anatomy, medications, pharmacology in general—and also a high level of meticulousness. MT’s should likewise know about the legal rules and prerequisites that apply to patient medical records.

Possible work environment

  1. Medical centers
  2. Clinics
  3. Home and public health agencies
  4. Doctors’ offices
  5. Hospitals
  6. Nursing homes

Degrees needed: Certificate, confirmation or partner’s degree

Instructions to Work from Home as a Medical Transcriptionist

It is safe to say that you are a quick and precise typist? Is it true that you are great at the meeting due dates? Do you have fantastic listening abilities? At that point maybe a home-based job as an MT is a good fit for you.

MT’s can work at home as representatives of transcription organizations or as self-employed entities.

Large numbers of MTs are at the moment from home offices instead of in hospitals, they are working for US based transcription administrations. Unfortunately, for the condition of medical insurance related managerial expenses in the US, the American citizens still charge the healing centers the same rate as they did in the past for exceedingly qualified US transcriptionists yet subcontract the work to non-US MTs, keeping the distinction as a benefit.

Working in your Home as a Medical transcriptionist

“How would I discover medical transcriptionist employments?” is an inquiry we hear increasingly nowadays. Numerous individuals are looking for adaptable occupations that permit them to work directly from their home. Medical transcriptionist occupations provide an incredible alternative for any individual who longs for working at their own homes. MT of late gave us inside data about medical transcriptionist preparation, supportive sites for medicinal transcriptionists, medical transcriptionist occupations which can be worked from home, and medicinal transcription organizations. She likewise gave us a practical insight in a medical transcriptionist pay and what the MT training is like. This meeting is an unquestionable requirement read for anybody keen on home employment or seeking after medicinal transcriptionist employments.

Medical Transcriptionist work prospects, employing and compensation

  • MT’s have earned compensations for the year of 2011 in the value of $16.10. They regularly work a standard 40-hour work week.
  • The typical pay range for an in-house Medical Transcriptionist in a medical specialist’s office workplace is $8/hr.
  • Middle yearly compensation is around $34,750. However, salaries can vary from    25k up to 75k.
  • Normal Medicinal Transcriptionist has the approximate year salary of 32,000 USD.
  • Normal MT compensations for occupation postings across the country are 45% lower than normal pay rates for all employment postings across the nation.

Here are some examples how much are earning some medical professions:

  1. Therapeutic Scribe Transcriptionist is earning 17,000 USD per year.
  2. Therapeutic Transcriptionist Senior is earning 47,000 USD per year.
  3. Virtual Recruiter Customer Service is earning 20,000 USD per year.
  4. Modular Medical Transcriptionist is earning 33,000 USD per year.
  5. Regulatory Transcriptionist Olyphant is earning 25,000 USD per year.
  6. Transcriptionist Hire is earning 69,000 USD per year.

What are medical transcriptionist job duties and responsibilities?

Medical transcription is the way toward listening to sound records from medical experts and interpreting them into written files. Once the sound document is transformed into a written file, it is included patient’s medical record.

There is also a subgroup of a medical transcriptionist, called medical transcription editors, they edit and correct dictations produced by speech recognition program. So when you are looking for a job as a medical transcriptionist, be sure to look under all three names.

It’s somewhat hard to clarify. It might be useful and easier for you to understand that I first give you a full history of a medical record and its evolution throughout the years. Everything begins when the patient sees the medical specialist. After that visit, the specialist will put in his report into a telephone or a recorder of some kind, that way the doctor’s report is transformed into an audio file. That voice record is then downloaded and transcribed by a medical transcriptionist.

Now, the transcriptionist deciphers the specialist’s report and transfers the finished written file to the doctor’s facility or medical center – where it is added to patient’s file. A coder is then coding the record from the deciphered report. The biller charges the visit from the coded report. Patient and his insurance company are charged, and only then the finished records are inserted into patient’s medical record. As should be obvious, the transcriptionist gives a vital connection with starting and final product.

Because every medical report is an, in fact, a legal document, it is imperative that the transcriptionist guarantees the exactness of every single report deciphered. Every report must be linguistically and grammatically right, formatted accurately, and must be in the proper style specified by The American Association for Medical Transcription. The transcriptionist should likewise know the rules for the specialist, doctor’s facility, or center they are appointed to. Complicated medical terminology must be examined. Every medical transcriptionist should have a complete knowledge of human body and its organs, skeletal system, pharmacology, possible diseases, and even physiology. He or she needs to have a good knowledge of medical terminology and how to manage it.

An MT needs to be well aware what changes he can and can’t make to a medical specialist’s report. He likewise needs a good hearing in light of the fact that there are numerous difficulties in a transcription of a dictation. Doctors can be good when dictating, however most are definitely not. In the event that you think their personal signatures are awful, you ought to hear them as they dictate! They are stopping frequently, misplace their thought process then start up again at an alternate point. They mutter, talk too fast. They dictate while the phones are ringing or while they are eating, while yawning, and while talking to other persons.

There is frequently a lot of additional or background noise and that makes it almost inconceivable to hear what the specialist is dictating. Another problem confronted by the transcriptionist is the specialist who uses English as a Second Language. A few accents are exceptionally hard to perceive, therefore an MT needs to be well familiarized with various accents. 

What made you pick the MT career?

In years before I started studying as an MT, I was thinking that I could do the job because of my previous employment as a Medical Assistant. I had an intensive learning of medicinal terms and a human body. I chose to apply for an MT organization, and they agreed to put me on a test. The test was a tremendous surprise. I flunked it badly; however, I learned something that day.

I discovered that am interested in pursuing the career of MT. I began informing myself on various schools that would accept me and soon discovered that transcription schools vary the conditions are not the same

Truth be told, there are not many schools that will provide jobs for their student right after the conclusion of their studies. I discovered the one that is cooperating with medical transcription companies and started studying there. I successfully concluded their exams with high grades that brought me several job offers right after my graduation.

Expected set of responsibilities for Medical Transcriptionist

An MT decodes specialist’s notes, with a specific end goal to incorporate the medications and analyses in a report or a modernized database. A portion of the work will include listening of a recording dictated by a doctor and transforming that dictation into speech. It is imperative to have the capacity to utilize scientific and listening abilities, with a specific end goal to decipher sentences that include medicinal terms into medicinal codes.

The transcriptionist may likewise make edited compositions and synopses from patient medicinal records, and also different reports. It is fundamental to be in compliance with utilizing medical terms. Solid writing and 10-key proficiency are vital. There may at times be changes in the doctor’s codes that were dictated, so it is important to stay up with the latest. Since the employment includes using a PC screen for most of your working hours, strong patience and the capacity to sit for an expanded timeframe is essential.

A significant part of the work is done autonomously, so it is essential to have self-motivation and to have the capacity to hold fast to rules. Meticulousness is likewise a key identity angle, as precision is required.

To end up an MT, one will, for the most part, need to have a degree or a certificate of some sorts from a school which is related to this field. The utilization of medicinal transcriptionist programs and medical dictation gear is likewise required. The work is typically executed in an office, which might be inside a healing center or other therapeutic offices; however, work can also be done from home. Therefore you can choose to work full-time or part-time.

MT’s Tasks

  1. Translate medical short terms and medical language into normal words.
  2. Survey, Transcribe, and input transcribed information for an assortment of medical reports, for example, medical records, examination report, or release documents.
  3. Establish and give back any document mistakes to the doctor for redress.
  4. Forming of medical reports, examination reports, measurements, and regulatory material.

Medical transcriptionist training skills and abilities

You don’t need any unique training to work as a transcriptionist, however when working as a medical transcriptionist you will  need basic training, and you will need to attend courses like healthcare terms, therapeutic, physiology, medical informing, and anatomy. The majority of medical transcription programs can be finished in 5 to 9 months. You can find numerous junior colleges and profession establishments that provide training for MT’s.

For example Career Step an online training school has excellent rating; their training program can be finished totally online and in 4 months. Career Step is a great choice because they also provide assistance with tuition, finding for the student which are coming from military families, and the best thing yet they provide, after you finish studies with them, is a considerable help in finding you the job. After you have finished your MT training it is necessary to take the RHDS exam (Registered Healthcare Documentation Specialist). You are not in the obligation to take this exam however if you do you will need to retake it in regular intervals of 3 years. This is an awesome way build up your validity in the medical transcription community, particularly when you’re a beginner.

Equipment needed for the job of Medical Transcriptionist

To succeed as an MT you’ll need first rate hearing, quick and precise writing competence, all things considered, the reports you are writing will be in somebody’s medical records and their life could gamble on the data you have provided.

The list of needed equipment:

  1. Reliable PC or portable workstation
  2. High-speed Internet
  3. Excellent headphones
  4. Authenticated transcription program and a foot pedal (for pausing and unpausing audio files)

You may get lucky and your company can provide you with needed equipment which you will require to successfully finish the job.

Further information and recommendation regarding the MTs

In the event that you are keen on getting into the career as Medical Transcriptionist, then I firmly urge you do as you have considered and apply for training. I suggest the school I went to, obviously. I am a member there, however even if I was not, I would advocate for it.

Penn Foster is one of the best schools which are providing medical transcription training program online and it is approved by AHDI (Association of Healthcare Documentation Integrity – formerly AAMT). The profession of an MT is in my opinion, great. The employment prognosis is awesome! Just think about all the visits to medical specialists that happen once a day in the US.