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How to Become a Technician Scholarship Program 2016

scholarships For many aspiring students, pursuing wanted career consumes much time and takes money. Holding onto your life goals means being prepared for solving all the troubles you may encounter. Fulfilling your dreams of starting your own career is something any student should experience. If you're looking for any technician career, you have an amazing opportunity to win a scholarship! HowToBecomeaTechnician.com offers opportunity for any aspiring student to pursue his/her dream career by offering a $1000 scholarship for the upcoming 2017!

Scholarship application details

  • We will award $1000 worth of scholarship to an applicant who fulfills all the requirements
  • The chosen applicant will be contacted via e-mail
  • Applicant must be minimum 18 years old
  • Applicant must be currently enrolled in a college or university
  • Any student who is resident of the United States of America and Canada can apply
  • Applicant must submit the required essay
  • Application form must be submited with all other required documents

Essay details

  • Write a 500 – 800 words long essay on topic : "5 steps to achieve your dream career", choosing any career of your liking
  • Essay must be 100% original, plagiarism free
  • Style of font :Calibri, font size: 12
  • File format: .doc or .docx

Selection criteria

  • The essay will be judged by its originality, creativity, eloquence and grammar and punctuation
  • Make sure you write minimum of 500 and maximum of 800 words

Scholarship application process

  • Application process for $1000 scholarship ends on 1st of July, 2017
  • The winner will be chosen on 1st of August, 2017

Required documents

  • Fulfilled application form (For application form visit scholarship application page)
  • Valid student identification document
  • IRS Form W-9
  • Completed essay

Eligibility to apply

  • Any applicant who is currently a student on the college or university and will continue to be for the upcoming year can apply
  • Residents of United States of America and Canada are eligible to apply

How will the winner be contacted?

  • Applicant who won the $1000 scholarship will be contacted via e-mail and phone number entered into application form.


  • HowToBecomeaTechnician.com will not contact applicant unless he/she is the winner of the scholraship
  • All contact information submitted by applicants will be used only for the purpose of contacting the chosen applicant
  • All applications must be submitted by the 1st of July, 2017. All the applications submitted after due date will not be taken into consideration
  • We will not share any personal information with third-parties
We welcome any applicant that fullfills the requirements to win the $1000 scholarship. If you see yourself as a technician and want to make sure you can pursue your dream career, enroll in this fantastic opportunity to become an owner of $1000 scholarship! Any applicant is a possible winner, so make sure every word counts!